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Won TeasersWong teasers. Yes – you read it correctly. Wong teasers. If you’ve been investing in sports for a few years, or a recreational sports bettor, then at some point in time you’ve likely heard the chatter about won teasers.  Wong teasers are another form of teaser investments or bets where the spread moves through the most important key numbers. What are those key numbers? Well lets take two steps back first to understand key numbers in sports betting and what key numbers your expert handicapper or professional sports investor uses in their NFL sport pick results.

You may recall from an earlier post on handicapping NFL and the key numbers to watch for, that in NFL and all other sports, each sport will have their key numbers to watch for. In the NFL, two of the most common numbers are three and seven. Why? Its the two most common margins of victory in the NFL.

But as three and seven are the ‘most common’, they are not the only key numbers to watch in NFL investing.

Now keeping the above in mind, to also understand a Wong Teaser, you need to know about teasers. What is a teaser in sports betting?  A teaser bet is similar to parlay bets where both the betting styles require you to win more than one game to win, and take the payout.

But with teaser bets, you can adjust the spread, whereas parlay bet only allows you to bet whether the teams will cover the spread or not.

Teasers are available in different sizes but the most common one is six-point teaser. In six-point teaser, the bettor can adjust the spread by six points, adding 6 points to favorite while subtracting similar number of points from the spread available for underdog. Unlike the popular opinion, teasers are not limited to spread but apply to the line in the same way as they apply to spread.

Ok – now back to teasing Mr. Wong…or Won Teasers, whichever you fancy. A Wong Teaser is just another form of teaser where the spread moves through the most popular key numbers (three and seven).

For example, if the online sportsbook line is somewhat accurate, then you can assume a 50% change of either team covering if your using your NFL picks, or other tips, to tease a game where the favorites were between 7.5 to 8.5, or the underdogs between 1.5 and 2.5.

Now lets say the odds at your online sportsbook were -110, which then gives you an est. 52.4% of your wagers to breakeven.

This means you’ll need to win each individual game about 72.5% of the time, if your to win your teasers 52.4%.

Now remember, because the key numbers are typically 3 and 7, teasing through these two numbers increases the chances of covering a spread from about 50 percent to 72 percent or more.

This is why sports investors…not sports gamblers, understand that over the long run, Wong teasers are a selective betting strategy that offers a lower risk on the investment.

So where does Wong teasers come from? Was it from a dark room betting syndicate at the back of Mr. Wongs restaurant in New York? Well, no. But we like to think so. Wong teasers hit the mainstream sports betting market from the book Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong. It’s not as exciting as my version – but the concept is still the same where the majority of successful sports investors are either sharp bettors or those who don’t consider themselves as sharp bettors and simple apply their equity investment background principles to the sports betting world.

Did You Know?:  Sports Investor, Sharp Bettor & Recreational Bettor

The main difference between a recreation or square bettor (someone who gambles on sports as a leisure activity), and a sharp bettor or sports investor? Sports investors and sharp bettors know what it takes to make sports betting pay off, just as they would do in the equity markets (ex. Wall Street).  Sports investors and sharp bettors use either professional sports information services, or the top-tier sports handicappers, or they spend a great deal of studying the data, analytics and numbers to make informed decisions on the events, bankroll management and risk. Unlike recreational or square sports bettors, sports investors and sharps do not make random bets. They know they either have an advantage over the sportsbook, or find the low risk with medium to long term payoff.

Now, before you get giddy over playing Wong teasers, online sportsbooks have tuned into these, and have made it more challenging to take advantage. With that said, with the proliferation of online sportsbooks today, there are still many who have not monitored this and can be taken advantage. But, if you risk using a non reputable online sportsbook, you may run the risk of getting your money back out.

In response to this sharp approach, online sportsbook that watch for Wong teasers have up’ed the cost of teasers.  Before sportsbooks caught onto Wong teasers, you could find good odds of +100 for two team teasers. Now, its typical to find these at -120 and more. So in the end, it will cost you more to play a Wong teaser and eat into your profits over the long term. And while still profitable, it just becomes unattractive as an investment opportunity.

So between unattractive odds and return, some sportsbook selectively offering Wong teasers, and spreads in-the-number range more difficult to find, the investment opportunities that Wong teasers offer are not as common as they used to be.

A good expert handicapper or sports investment service used by sharp bettors should identify these opportunities within their sport picks selections. Monitoring various sportsbook to catch these investment opportunities can be highly valuable as Wong teasers are one of the very few investment strategies in the sports betting world that offers a higher confidence and expectation of a profit; assuming that is your sportsbook hasn’t made it difficult to invest on these types of teasers. Especially knowing that many sportsbooks have increased the cost for two team teasers, attaching additional costs to this investment strategy, making this teaser a challenging investment to profit, especially in over the long term.

Have you made a Wong teaser before? Got a tip or experience to share? Comment below and be sure to spread the karma and help educate other sports investors and bettors by clicking the Google +1 or Facebook ‘Like’ below.


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