NHL Grand Salami Betting

What is NHL grand salami betting ?

NHL Grand Salami BettingNHL betting has been a growing investment area among North Americans over the past few years. We’ll get into the obvious reasons why, but as with all sports the investor understands there is never a preference for one particular sport when it comes to investing in sports. The investor understands money can be made over time in any sport, as long as the opportunities can be found.

For those sports bettors evolving into investors or you’re simply new to betting on NHL hockey or use handicappers NHL picks, you’ll come across the terminology of ‘NHL grand salami’.

Now with most newbie sports investors or sports gamblers that chase the thrill of a few dollars, often fail or underestimate the importance of the grand salami wager in the NHL.  The grand salami bet can be a good investment opportunity when it presents itself, and is taken advantage of by most experienced sports investors and expert NHL handicappers.

What is the grand salami in NHL betting? Its rather simple. Sportsbooks both online and offline who offer multiple betting types such as straight bets, parlay bets, prop bets and/or future best on hockey, offer the sports bettors multiple betting opportunities to perform the grand salami.

The NHL grand salami bet a simple concept, whereby the sports bettor places a wager on the over / under of goals scored during a days game or play. Another way to put it, its the total number of goals scored across every NHL  game played that day.

The strategy of betting the NHL grand salami will sometimes present multiple investment opportunities, where it allows you to place separate wagers on the home and away goals. The experienced expert handicapper will, or should, catch this betting opportunity immediately if you follow any. Though all one needs to do is frequently check your preferred online sportsbooks to see when the grand salami betting opportunities present itself as a good investment for that day.

While grand salami betting opportunities are a bit unique in the NHL, an expert handicapper in hockey or avid sports investor will see the best way to bet, since the goals are typically over/under five or six goals.

NHL Grand Salami Betting

*Photo: Don’t ask, but its the sexiest hockey salami trio I found.

Finding the total goals for the day in the NHL is easy since you only have to multiply the number of games with goals per game. Once the grand salami total is determined, you can bet on over/under for that day.

Despite the NHL grand salami simplicity of determining over/under totals for the day, the oddsmakers will make it challenging to get away with winning.

NHL Betting Tip: When the big games are played, the Grand Salami difference can only be a goal or two. For this reason, investing into a NHL Grand Salami requires a strong strategy to bet successfully (see 6 NHL betting strategies). Research the historical data around past games between the two teams within the season, including the home and away ice advantage, coach and key players. An expert handicapper in hockey should provide or offer the analysis on this detail, as well as understanding any recency and frequency models of win at home, away or against the team.

Developing a grand salami strategy also involves a review of the teams form on that day. If a team is scoring a lot of goals, expect it to score as many goals on that day.

However, there are other performance indicators to consider when evaluating the grand salami as an investment strategy. Fatigue levels of the teams and specific players can also impact the performance.

If a team is coming off from a three or four game run in the last few days, it will render a tired performance (including key players returning from All Star breaks and other major events), that can influence lessor goals than usual.

Another obvious data point on the KPI (key performance indicator) for Grand Salami betting are long road trips, as this too can impact fatigue level of the team and players. Also consider key statistics of goals against between the goalies and key players.

Using and understanding KPI (key performance indicators) and statistics to evaluate its results will be the most important factor into the confidence level of the grand salami betting strategy for your investment. Keep in mind too that this rule applies to almost any strategic sports investment you make. And sometimes the best way is to invest into a service that performs all of this analysis (time is money for you).

Remember, watch the key statistics between the over / under records when considering the Grand Salami. When you analyze these key stats, ensure you or your expert handicapper is checking home and away over/under separately so you know which key stat is used to determine the grand salami opportunity.

Lastly, during NHL playoffs if you consider investing on the the Grand Salami, caution when analyzing the over / under records as the team sentiment, on average, will not score as many goals during the playoffs as they would in regular season. This is a psychology indicator to consider as its been showing the team emotions run in peak defensive and offensive modes depending on the timing of the playoff game (ex. teams playing their first or second game in a series), or their despair to come back from a series elimination.

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