online sports betting strategy and reverse betting

What are reverse bets in online sports betting?

online sports betting strategy and reverse bettingReverse bets can be confusing for many novice bettors. Some even think that reverse bets do not exist anymore. However, the reality is reverse bets are very much a part of sports betting world, and once you understand them, they make a lot of sense and may begin applying reverse betting to your sports betting strategies. Expert handicappers and seasoned sports investors will use reverse bets sparingly when they see strong opportunities at the books and the team match ups.

What is a reverse bet? A reverse bet is combination of two ‘if’ bets. Now if you don’t know about an ‘if’ bet, you will find the concept of reverse bet extremely confusing. Therefore, you should start by understanding ‘if’ bet and then you will easily learn how reverse betting works.

In order to understand an ‘if’ bet, you have to revise the concept of parlay bet. The only difference between the two is that losing even a single game in parlay means you lose all your money. Whereas in an ‘if’ bet, you can redeem some of your money even if you only win one game.

Consider an example where you take your expert handicappers nfl picks and place and ‘if’ bet at an online sportsbook on a three-game. If you win the first game, you will be a bettor for the second game. However, losing your ‘if’ bet for the first game will mean that you won’t be betting on the second and third game. Winning the bet for second game will automatically activate your bet on third game. You can simply think of it as ‘if/then’ bet.

When you bet two ‘if’ bets on a two-game, you have a reverse bet. If you have been betting on horse racing, you can think of a reverse bet as a box of ‘if’ bets. You will take your horse tipsters race tips and place conditional bets such as if A then B and if B then A.

The good thing about reverse bets is the freedom that comes with it. You can place reverse bets on two different sports, combine it with moneyline and you can even use a point spread with moneyline to place a reverse bet.

Most of the times, reverse betting is only done with two teams. This gives two separate ‘if’ bets to the bettor. However, this is not a hard and fast rule and you can even enjoy reverse betting with more than two teams, as is in the case of parlay.

For a reverse bet, all the possible combinations are created. For example, the sportsbook bookies will create six possible combinations for a three-team bet. You will have six different ‘if’ bets for picking your bets. Similarly, a four-team reverse bet will generate twelve different combinations. Following the same principle of possible combinations, you can enjoy up to 30 possible combinations for a six-team massive reverse.

Although these variations in betting wagers seem very attractive, and used in more confidence by expert handicappers and tipsters when their prediction models show the strongest confidence, they are challenging to make profits due to increase in risk by increasing the number of teams and possible combinations.

Most sports betting enthusiasts only prefer two-team reverse betting. It brings in enough risk and enthusiasm to keep the bettors hooked on.

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