Billy Walters Las Vegas sports gambler

Top advice from the worlds top 4 sports gamblers

Could you imagine bookmakers turning you away because they were afraid of your winning prowess?

Sharps or wiseguys like Billy Walters, Bob Voulgaris, Teddy Covers and R.J. Bell can all answer “yes” to both questions. They’ve each been able to make a full-time living thanks to their winning records.

Betting on sports is both an art and a science. Basic skills matter, but there’s something to be said for instinct. Although these successful gamblers won’t share all of their secrets with the squares and the Joes, they’re willing to part with a few of them. Their insights could change the way you bet on sports.

Billy Walters: Read In-Depth Sports Articles

Billy Walters Las Vegas sports gamblerThese days, Billy Walters can pull up sports data with a single mouse click or screen tap. When he started gambling, he had to rely on footwork. “Back in those days, I used to send a crew out to the airport,” Walters told “They went on the airplanes as they came into Vegas with the cleaning crew. We gathered up the newspapers and had readers who read all the newspapers from all around the United States.”

Billy gained a competitive edge because he and his team loaded up on local sports coverage. He says that although better access to information has made the betting landscape more competitive, the key to winning at sports betting still lies in how well you evaluate information.

Experience tells you how certain pieces of information, like an athlete’s injury status, affects the handicappers’ numbers. Winning requires more than looking at data. You need to know the teams on which you place your bets.

Bob Voulgaris: Embrace Statistical Analysis

Haralabos (Bob) VoulgarisIn the early 2000s, Haralabos (Bob) Voulgaris had figured out how to win big on NBA bets by exploiting the way bookmakers came up with halftime totals. Instead of adjusting for a fourth quarter scoring burst, most bookmakers came up with a final score and split the final score in half for their halftime totals. In 2004, bookmakers closed this loophole. Bob Voulgaris started losing big money.

To compensate, Voulgaris turned to a math genius he only calls “the Whiz.” Together, they developed a black box that could predict the outcome of each possession of all 1,230 NBA season matchups. Billy Walters has also become a big proponent of statistics. If you can’t afford to hire your own quants and you don’t have a PhD in statistics, you can access historical sports betting data inside, and run unlimited simulations to create your own big data betting system. 

Teddy Covers: Line Shop and Start Early

Screen shot 2015-02-03 at 5.19.22 PMTed Servansky, aka “Teddy Covers,” has been betting on the NFL professionally for nearly two decades. He says that one of the biggest mistakes that casual bettors make is failing to shop for the best line variance.

For example, when people buy shares of stock, the stock costs the same no matter which broker sells them the stock. When people bet on sports, different sportsbooks  offer different lines, which can make a big difference in how much profit a bettor makes. Covers also recommends researching bets well before game day. Amateurs get involved right at kickoff, and their emotions get the best of them.

R.J. Bell: Manage Your Bankroll

RJ Bell - PregameR.J. Bell, founder of and host of a local ESPN radio show, has one piece of advice for casual bettors: Manage your bankroll. In most cases, squares who want to bet on sports make bets that are too big relative to their bankroll. They burn all their cash at the beginning of a tournament or series, and they don’t have anything left to spend on the big game. Bell suggests making small bets at the beginning so that you have enough to bet on the final games later. They should also avoid betting on too many games so that they have something for the finish.

Remember that you don’t need to win every bet to make a profit. Making money over the long term is about winning slightly more often than you’re losing. By following the advice of Walters, Voulgaris, Covers and Bell, you can improve your winning edge and, if you’re lucky, become one of the sharps.

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