4 tips to handicapper college basketball rematch conference games

4 tips for handicapping college basketball rematch conference games

4 tips to handicapper college basketball rematch conference gamesIf you’ve ever played a college basketball pick on a game, or an avid sport bettor on the games, you’ve probably quickly realized that a tricky part of gambling on college basketball conference games are the rematches.

Its not uncommon that in the NCAA conference two teams will play each other twice, both home and away. Most beginner sports bettors get taken on the rematch games as as they often look only at the previous match up.

Unfortunately its not as simple. You can take confidence in a knowledge college basketball handicapper and play their college picks, or do your research to look at many of the factors that go into that second conference game. These factors can make or break your college basketball bankroll profits, and can make college basketball handicappers much more profitable when betting on the second conference game.

Tip 1: Location

A measuring stick for the second game is look at where the second game location is hosted.

Since these basketball teams play twice almost every year the novice basketball bettor and handicappers will look at trends how the teams fair against each other at home vs. away.

For example, if for the past 5 years, Michigan State has beaten Kansas in Michigan no matter the current performance of each team, it would be a wise investment and good statistical probability that Michigan could beat Kansas again.

If the college teams seem to have a pattern of winning on the opponent’s home court, then it might be good probability to take the away team to win the game. By looking at the location of the game, college basketball sports bettors will be able to read a lot into the historical performance to give indicators of the future game outcome.

Tip 2: Player Status

Another tip that basketball handicappers look at in NCAAB betting is a look at the first game and see if any players will or will not be playing in the second game.

For instance, if Oklahoma is playing Kentucky for the second time and Oklahoma  barely scraped by Kentucky without their key player(s) who has returned for this game, then it is higher probability on your basketball bet to view Oklahoma should have higher performance against Kentucky.

If injured players are playing in the game, or have been lagging lately could also make a significant difference, and another key factor college handicappers take into account in their college basketball picks.

Tip 3: Team Character

A third tip expert college handicappers look at in the first game, is to see if either team did anything out of the norm or character in the first match up. For example, was a different line up used or strategy employed during different quarters, or in the first game did the entire team fall apart out of their regular playing style for some factor – such as missing a key player or long travel. For whatever the team character identified is, the handicapper will look if this is relevant for the second game. The team character is related to the 6 betting tips how wise guys handicap NCAA college basketball mid-season.

The first game is a good way to tell if the other basketball team will be able to make adjustments for the second game and how they will be able to accomplish it.

The same can be said if a team was bringing up new players and the first game was played rather early in the conference season, those players might not have settled into the groove yet, but over the past few weeks have improved and their potential has increased. This is the same idea as a star player not playing to form in the first game but coming around for the rematch.

Tip 4: Coach

Other character factors expert handicappers and novice college basketball bettors will consider is the coaching on either side. If the new coach was having trouble with the team grasping his new offense or defense, or maybe he did not know how he could motivate his guys properly but has now figured out as shown by their last few games, it might be wise to bet on this team.

The coach factor tends to happen more times than you expect in conference play. Its often that a college handicapper will see the same story where a college team is not comfortable with a new strategy or even a new coach. But as the year progresses, the players adjust to the new coach or strategy.

Expert college basketball handicappers will also look at the motivation for each team at the second game, which can have a direct root on the motivation level of the coach. This important factor experts consider as the vibe or energy a team has to stay alive in the season, or confidence levels play a big psychology factor in team performance.

When deciding on the college basketball team to bet on in the second conference game can easily come down to performance in the first game. Its an important factor that both college handicappers and novice sports bettors will look at when making their picks. It’s similar to one of the other critical factors that Sharps use to win at college basketball betting.

Consider the 4 tips above in your college basketball betting to gain more experience and a feel how to understand how these factors can influence the outcome of the NCAA basketball games.

You will be much more successful as a NCAA basketball bettor in picking the winner of the second game if you assess the first game and can figure out what factors played an important role in the game and what will or could influence the rematch outcome.

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