how to tease a bet

What is a teaser bet, and how to handicap

how to tease a betEvery season – NFL, MLB, MBA, etc. online sports books have seen a growing trend towards sports bettors taking teaser bets.

Teaser bets have become a popular sports betting strategy that teaser bets can influence the oddsmakers to move lines. Expert handicappers, punters and investors can move a line in their favor after a key volume of teasers are placed pairing two or more teams together.

If you’re unfamiliar with a teaser bet in the sports world, the basic idea is to have multiple teams cover the win.  Sports bettor also have the choice to move the line in their favor by adding more teams to the teaser.  For example, teasers can be a 4.5 point teaser in basketball, and a 6 point teaser in football.

To understand sports teasers more clearly, consider a situation where you choose three teams; L.A. -7, New York -3, and Florida +15. If you choose a 3 team 7 point teaser card for these teams, the wager will have L.A. at ‘even’, New York at +4, and Florida at +22.

With wagers listed at 12/10, the wager will win $12 for every $10. Although rules and odds are different between online sports books, one thing remains the same: one team has to win all plays in a teaser to win the bet. In our last example, the bet will only win if all the plays are wins.

Expert handicappers watch for teaser opportunities in their NFL picks, NBA picks and college picks, when there is a strong reliance on point spread. For games relying on money line, teasers do not apply.

Online sportsbooks can offer up to 13-point teaser, but 10 point team teasers are more common. If a sportsbook offers 13-point teaser, bettor can easily move the line drastically, but for extremely low odds.

Expert handicappers and sports bettors can also select football and basketball teams in one teaser. For taking teasers in cross betting, you have to tease one sport for the other. This means that you will have to tease basketball line by four points in case you tease football line by six points. The same goes for 6.5 and 4.5, and 7 and 5 points.

When handicapping NFL and other sports, an expert handicapper or avid sports investor may apply various teaser strategies, which I’ll cover in other posts. Some tease strategies favorite down to a point where they can get closer to a pick’em. The bettor will take the over in this case. Sports betting strategies will vary with different types of teasers and odds, but for some bettors, teasers are the primary tool, while others ignore them altogether.

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