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Betting Tips: Sports betting an investment?

Making money betting on sports? Most sports bettors and gamblers seeking betting tips or picks think that sports betting is about finding a winning pick or sure thing. The reality is, and ask any betting expert, there is no such thing as ‘guarantees’ or ‘locks’. There are nothing more than marketing verbiage to lure in the novice sports bettor or those people seeking a winning prediction on the weekends game.

Just as in the stock market, real estate, foreign exchange (FX) currency markets, or any other speculative market, the guaranteed ‘sure thing’ just does not exist. As a professional sports investor, or as my friends might think ‘professional betting expert’, my goal in sports investing is to find and take advantage of numerous edges over the long run at the sports books. Among this, the most critical aspect to profiting and winning over the years I’ve found is the compound return sports investing can produce from finding the edge with the right betting tips. This YouTube video explains the power of compound returns in sports investing (29 min mark).

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Video: Why you and most sports bettors lose at sports betting…and how to correct it today

In this video you’ll learn why you and the majority of sports bettors end up losing at the online sportsbooks, and why sports investors and Sharps profit. You may have had a few winning streaks, but in the long run most sports bettors lose. We’ll show you why most lost, what you can do to correct it tomorrow, and much more in this 1 hour educational video. We’ll cover…

  1. Why you and 90% of sports bettors lose at sports betting
  2. How you can correct it
  3. Warning flags to watch out for
  4. How to turn a $1,000 bankroll into +$300,000
  5. 3 inside tips Sharps and major sports investors use to win
  6. Viewpoints on sports investing from billionaire Mark Cuban.

Fibonacci betting system

Soccer betting system Fibonacci strategy

Fibonacci betting systemIf you’ve ever applied a progressive betting system to your sports investing, you’ve probably discovered its not the most exciting form of soccer betting, but some punters claim they can make big profits.

We have a few members at who’ve applied a progressive betting systems to their betting strategy and done quite well, so its a good betting system or strategy to cover in this post an introduction to the Fibonacci betting system and investigate whether the average sports investor or bettor can achieve similar returns versus the investment risks. Read more

Infographic: What type of sports bettor area you?

INFOGRAPHIC: The sports bettors guide to sports investing

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Sports Betting System Guide | Infographic

free sports picks really free?

Are free sports picks really free? Think again

free sports picks really free?Think about the last place you saw a free sports pick. Got it. Ok, now think why was it free. Why is someone giving me something for free so that I can win at the sports books.

We’d like to all think they’re just good guys trying to help you out and no strings attached. And in some cases in the forums you’ll find a few genuine Joes just doing that. Are they sharps who are making the big profits at the books? No. These guys are generally your guy next door who has had a good run or profitable season and an active member of the sports forum community.

So why then do you see some many free picks offered everywhere? Here’s why:

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