FOX nfl picks

Do FOX Sports NFL picks win?

FOX NFL predictions are a popular topic among the NFL forums between fans and bettors. You’ll see discussions on Chris Chase NFL picks, or catch Andrew Lynch picks on Twitter, or tune into Dieter Kurtenbach and Brett Smiley picks on FOX Sports weeks NFL prediction coverage online at

Maybe the talking heads touch isn’t your thing and you follow FOX Sports computer generated NFL picks powered by Whatifsports.

Whatifsports powers FOX Sports NFL predictions using a football simulation to predict the outcome each week’s games, simulated 501 times to generate an average score and winning percentage. Hmmm…sounds interesting, but do computer generated NFL picks win more than other NFL pundits or NFL handicappers?

Let’s take a look at both FOX Sports NFL pundits picks and computer generated picks for the track record and profitability if you laid down your hard earned dollars. In this post you’ll see the NFL picks track record from FOX Sports for NFL pundits Chris Chase, Andrew Lynch, Dieter Kurtenbach, Brett Smiley, computer generated football picks from (powers FOX Sports picks), and FOX NFL writers John Halpin, Ryan Fowler, DJ Foster and Peter Schrader.

You’ll also discover how FOX NFL picks compare to other pundits as Yahoo NFL picks, ESPN picks, NFL Network picks and picks and over 120 of the top NFL pundits picks across the America.

The results may stun you!

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