What are the win rates for ESPN NFL picks & pick em ?

Each week publishes NFL picks from their braintrust of football pundits and analysts. ESPN’s pick em predictions are popular among NFL fans, and you’ll find greater analysis and opinions on ESPN’s NFL picks from their pool of football pundits as K.C. Joyner, Adam Caplan, Dan Graziano, Mike Golic, Kevin Seifert, Ron Jaworski, Merrill Hoge, and Mike Clay, as well as ESPN’s NFL pick em consensus from the fan base.

This raises a few questions for the sports fan and recreational sports bettor. What ESPN NFL expert has the best win accuracy, and should you follow the ESPN NFL pick em consensus predictions (from its fan base), or is it better to follow one or two expert pundits for ESPN weekly NFL picks?

Are you asking yourself the right question?

I might say if you’re only looking at ESPN and comparing the NFL pick em vs expert NFL picks, you’re taking a very micro view of what’s possible for the best weekly NFL picks. Have you considered to look at the macro view? Before you lay $1 on any NFL pick, ask yourself these 5 key questions: Read more