MIT predicting economics & sports prediction system

Collective Prediction – Combining human and machine intelligence in prediction economies

MIT predicting economics & sports prediction systemBuilt on the idea of collective intelligence and behavioural economics that sports investing prediction model was founded, we’ve re-posted  below a research study call that applies a similar approach of human and machine to enhance the prediction outcome of economies…we just applied it to sports.

And while the study below addresses the collective intelligence of human and machine, I’ll note we’ve set forth to induce a 3rd variable to the prediction model – the experts. We use a) industry expert handicappers with 20-30 years experience, b) global people consensus data, and c) computer technology that makes use of algorithms in multiple regression, machine learning, and data mining.

While the MIT study is vague on its variables of ‘human’ and the algorithms or machine learning conditions applied to forecasting economies, its similar in the sense of its approach and applying currency and points to the benchmark the performance of its approach to attempt to prove the model can enhance the forecast of future events.

Just like in sports picks and prediction models no handicapper or system can get 100% of the prediction correct; that’s the goal. Any sports investor understands the approach is similar to stock market investing; the goal is to win over time at lessor risk than convention investment opportunities.

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free sports picks really free?

Are free sports picks really free? Think again

free sports picks really free?Think about the last place you saw a free sports pick. Got it. Ok, now think why was it free. Why is someone giving me something for free so that I can win at the sports books.

We’d like to all think they’re just good guys trying to help you out and no strings attached. And in some cases in the forums you’ll find a few genuine Joes just doing that. Are they sharps who are making the big profits at the books? No. These guys are generally your guy next door who has had a good run or profitable season and an active member of the sports forum community.

So why then do you see some many free picks offered everywhere? Here’s why:

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