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The sports book line can make all the difference between a win or loss. Compare lines and set free Line Alerts across multiple sports books to find value, maximize profit, and get the best return on each wager.  

Got specific line to monitor? Add games to your personal Watch List to monitor the lines and set a free Line Alert to to get notified if the line moves.

Compare Lines Fast

Discovery betting value across multiple sportsbooks all in one place. Quickly compare lines and odds across your favorite games and sportsooks.

Line Moves. Get Alert!

It’s simple. When the line moves, get alerted in real-time. Sports investors and bettors looking for specific value can set a personal line and get alerted if it hits.

Customize Your Books

Customize to view only the game lines and books that are important to you. Add or remove sportsbooks, convert odd formats, wager types and more.

Personal Watch List

Add your favorite NFL, NBA, MLB or other betting lines to your personal watch list to watch only the game lines you choose.

Set unlimited Line Alerts inside the member area. 100% free. Sign up or login.

Sportsbook line alerts and notifications

Free Game Line Alerts – Unlimited

Get alerted in real-time when game lines change for any game at multiple sports books.

Line Alerts are 100% free to everyone, and unlimited alerts can be set for any game or event. If the game line or odds change, you get alerted immediately.

Why set a Line Alert? Buying-in at the right value can make or break a win, and to maximize your profit potential. It’s just like getting alerted if a stock you’re watching is oversold and the price drops, creating a buying opportunity to get in.

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Discover Value. Compare Multiple Sportsbook Lines

Any avid sports investor, bettor or punter will tell you that comparing and shopping at multiple sports books to find the best value on the line can make or break a win, and the profit potential.

Compare in real-time multiple sports books lines and odds in one view. Filter sports by date, change odd formats from American to Decimal, browse point spread vs. moneyline and more. We make it simple to see the best line across multiple sports books to buy-in at the best value, and maximize profit.

You can also personalize your page view to see only the sports books you want to compare or have accounts, and with one-click add specific games to your Watch List, or set a Line Alert to get notified if the line changes.

Compare any game or event lines across NFL, NBA, college basketball and football, MLB, NHL and major European and International football (soccer) leagues.

Compare real-time game lines across multiple sportsbooks, and see the historical lines at each book. 100% free. Sign up.

Compare sportsbooks lines real-time multiple sportsbooks

One-click to add any games to your personal Watch List. Quickly compare lines across multiple sportsbooks for only the games and events that are important to you. 100% free. Sign up or login.

Watch sportsbook lines and get alerted

Personal Game Watch List

Add unlimited games to your personal Watch List to monitor the lines across one or more sports books.

One-click of the ‘eye’ adds (or removes) any games from your Watch List. It’s 100% free to create your own personalized list of all games across multiple sports books. Sports investors and bettors use the free Watch List service to monitor and compare game lines that interest them most. No more digging and browsing multiple sports books and games to check the line.

The Watch List service is 100% free, and Line Alerts can be setup for any game on a personal Watch List to get notified if the line moves.

What others have to say…

Jamieson review of IBT's betting system

Solid work guys. Like most your members, I’m a casual to heavy bettor online, and confident to say I’ve had my share of lost bets. Having read about you in the forums, I tested you out and created a few sports betting systems with the tools, compared the results against a few expert picks and betting lines. Gotta admit, I’m hitting higher win rates. I created two systems – a football betting system and nba system, and being able to simulate betting situations is proving out to be a sound data model to hit returns 3X better than I’ve done over past seasons.

Scotts betting system review of Intelligent Betting Tips

I’d just like to extend a big thank you to Leah and the team for your support. I’ve spent countless football seasons pouring over spreadsheets and modelling various betting scenarios. What took me days, now takes me literally minutes. Since trying it I’ve now uncovered a few NFL betting systems that has turned some of the best betting profits I’ve seen in years. Thumbs up!