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Access the Intelligent Sports Prediction Model

Sports investors and bettors leverage the power of collective intelligence and behavioral economics to receive the strongest confidence available in predicting sport game outcomes.  

Sports investors use the predictive power of collective intelligence; modeled after Harvard’s Decision 2.0, MIT Center of Collective Intelligence and investment strategies used by Wall Street markets. We simply applied it to sports.

Our members evolve their approach to sports betting to turn greater profits and bankroll-return by using our data-driven approach that leverages the power of collective intelligence, machine learning and the human touch of expert handicappers and tipsters to gain the highest confidence in sports investing today.

Premium Intelligent Tips

Premium sports picks produced from our proprietary prediction model to give the highest confidence in sports predictions available. We use multiple algorithms against the statistical data produced from the behavioral economics of both Experts and global consensus collective intelligence data. The statistical performance is analyzed and graded each week to evolve the Intelligent Tips algorithm performance.

Expert Picks

Gone are the days of per-per-pick from one Expert handicapper or tipster. Get full access to a pool of over 20 Experts and sports analysts, all their Expert  sports picks and full visibility into their track record. Our licensing deal with Experts offers full access to some of the most well known cappers in the industry. These Experts make handicapping a professional career, each with 10 to 30 years professional experience.

Global Consensus Picks

One of the worlds largest global consensus prediction data sources available. Gain insights on the collective public opinions of sports predictions. Sports investors and Sharps find big value in key insights as this to know where public prediction is strong, and where weakness is evident to use a contrarian betting strategy to fade the public.

What You Get Inside

Sports investor members get the best value in the market what we know is needed to make confident and informed decisions for profitable sports investing.

Premium Intelligent Tips

Highest Confidence in Sports Predictions & Tips

Intelligent Betting Tips prediction model capitalizes on the use of big data, collective intelligence, computer algorithms and machine learning to deliver the popular, Intelligent Tips. Intelligent Tips are available across every sport – NFL, NBA, NCAAF, European and International football (soccer), MLB, and NHL. This premium sports prediction model delivers members sports tips produced from collective data and performance analysis of over 20 Experts (handicappers and tipsters) and sports analysts, and global consensus and sentiment data.

Combined all of these data points together, and applied with the right betting strategy – the Intelligent Tips offer sports investors and bettors one of the highest  confidence in predicting sporting events.

Over 20 expert handicappers and tipsters premium sports picks and tips

Sports betting pick alerts

Expert Picks: Over 20 Licensed Professionals

Handicappers & Tipsters Picks

We’ve licensed over 20 industry professional handicappers and tipsters across each sport to provide our members their premium sports picks and tips every day. Leave the heavy lifting of research and analysis to the professionals. Gone are the days of buying one pick per game by one handicapper. You get full access to each and every premium sports pick and tip from all Experts, including full transparency of the track record (win rates, units, profit, yield and roi).

The team of Experts our licensed individuals whose career is sports investing and betting who cover NFL, NBA, MLB, Soccer, Tennis, Horses, College football and basketball, and other major leading sports. They do all the research, analysis, simulating scenarios and patters, and optimizing betting systems to create the best winning sports betting system for their customers and our members.

Each handicapper and tipster brings between 10 to 30 years professional experience, and track records that validate making handicapping a profession.

World’s Largest Public Consensus Predictions

Global Prediction Sentiment Data

Sharps and big sports investors apply contrarian betting strategies to win big. Our members gain the same level of insight into the collective public sentiment and opinion, and monitor sports book lines for value and money flow.

A key data-point of the Intelligent Tips betting model is that members get access to one of the largest global pools of public consensus and sentiment sports prediction data across NFL, College football, NBA, College basketball, European football, International football, NHL, Tennis, Horses, Rugby, Cricket and more.

It’s not just for contrarians! Members get insight on how the collective public predictions perform over time and sport. Did you know some sports show strong profits for a contrarian strategy(fade the public opinion), while other sports show strong profits to go with the public opinion?

It’s this collective strength and performance insight members leverage to turn greater profits and bankroll return.

Global coverage of public consensus sports predictions

Sports betting pick alerts

Get the top 3 leaders sports picks from the top 100 media pundits and sports analysts

Sports betting pick alerts

Top 100 Pundit NFL & College Predictions

NFL Network, CBS Sports, ESPN, Forbes, SB Nation….

We publish and track every weekly NFL prediction and college football (NCAAF) prediction from the worlds top 100 media pundits and analysts. Members get every single sports analysts weekly predictions on every NFL and college football game straight up and against the spread, and the collective consensus of who all the experts are choosing to win.

We take it a step further and track and simulate betting performance on each experts prediction to show members the top performing experts for each week and for the overall season. So now you can see who is hitting a +65% win rate or highest profit for the week or season, and their plays for the upcoming week.

A sample of our coverage includes Experts from NFL Network, CBS Sports, ESPN, Forbes, SB Nation, S.I., Yahoo Sports, USA Today, Fansided, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, PFF, Number Fire, FiveThirtyEight, Odds Shark and over a hundred more.

Free Tools: Track Record & Risk Management

Transparency: Units, Profit, Win Rate, Yield and ROI

Members access the free sports betting tool to gain valuable insight on the performance across all Intelligent Tip algorithms, Expert handicappers and analysts, and global consensus predictions.

Members quickly can see how profitable prediction accuracy is across all sports and over time. For example, one or two clicks gets you insight on profitable patterns and trends from an Experts performance across the NFL over the last week, 3 weeks, month or season. See the win rate, profit, units, ROI and yield.

Risk Management

Risk management is also critical to profitability. Members use our tools to get signals and indicators on short-term and long term patterns and trends. It’s also used to uncover Experts that dilute profits and portfolio performance by spreading their expertise into sport territories that don’t play to their strengths (a common issue with most industry handicappers and tipsters). We expose those guys!

We also provide a library of sports betting strategy articles, betting tips, how to’s and educational content to guide the sports gambler and sports bettor to evolve their mindset and performance into a profitable sports investor.

100% transparency on track record performance – win rate, units, profit, yield and ROI

Sports betting pick alerts

How to Get Access

Sports investor members get the best value in the market by subscribing to one of our sports prediction packages available. Gone are the days of a +$30 pay-per-pick from one handicapper. You get it ALL every day, every month. The intelligent betting tips betting system covers almost all major worldwide sports. .


The AMERICAS subscription package gets you full coverage of all premium sports picks (Intelligent Tips, Experts Tips and Global Consensus predictiosn) across weekly NFL picks, College football (NCAAF) and basketball (NCAAB), NBA, MLB, and NHL.

Members of the AMERICAS package also get the top 100 NFL and NCAAF pundit and analysts weekly picks and track record coverage.


The EUROPA subscription package gets you full coverage of all premium sports tips across European football tips (English Premier League, La Liga, Champion, La Ligue 1, Bundesliga and other European and international football leagues.

Footy isn’t the only sport covered. Rugby, Horse tips, Tennis, Cricket and more are all part of the Europa member package.


The WORLD subscription package gets you the best of the AMERICAS and EUROPA but at a discount.

Get full coverage of all premium sports tips across all major North American sports (NFL, NBA, College, etc.) and top 100 NFL and NCAAF pundits prediction, and the European sports as English Premier League, La Liga, Champion, La Ligue 1, Bundesliga and other European and international football leagues.

What others have to say…

Rollands feedback on sports betting system

You guys do it right. I appreciate the value and contributions (betting strategy articles and betting system tools) you deliver. I’ve bought a number of expert picks from cappers in the past, some good, some bad. I don’t win every bet. Had a few beats at first, but since then up +125 units. I haven’t hit numbers like that in awhile, but still very profitable and over the last 3 months hitting a 45% return.

Eriks betting system review of

My last 12 months with on the NFL picks has given me a tremendous edge on the Expert pick selections. Signed up for the MLB baseball season and been on the winning side ever since.  Looking forward to introduce NBA to my betting portfolio this season!