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Build Your Own Data-Driven Betting Systems

Build your own winning sports betting system within minutes. Lazy? Then use the top members pre-built betting systems. Create unlimited sports betting systems using our simple design approach, and leverage big data centers containing years of historical sports betting and performance data.

Top Betting Systems

Access members top betting systems by sports, win rate, units. and profit. Share and copy betting systems to your account, manipulate with new filters or get notified when an upcoming game matches the betting system.

Minutes to Create

What once took thousands of dollars to invest, advanced programming skills to build and months put into crunching statistics, you can now do within minutes. Create and customize a sports betting system within minutes with a few simply clicks.

Years of Game Data

Tap into almost a decade worth of historical game and betting data to create a betting system for NFL, NBA, MLB or other sports. Access terabytes of sports betting and game data from the cloud to create a betting system and simulate patterns and trends in game match ups.

Simulate Game & Betting Scenarios

It takes minutes to design a personal betting systems.  Use any number of basic and advance filters against tens of thousands of sport game and betting performance data to uncover historical patterns, trends and value across the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and more.

Create a betting system across a variety of key performance indicators:

  • Team info: Team, opposing team, favorite/underdog, home/away, win rate, opponent win rate and more.
  • Time period: Custom data range, season, pre / post season and more.
  • Betting data: Spread, spread % and change, moneyline %, totals (over/under) % and more.
  • Game: points, home/away, win streaks, losing streaks, ATS streaks, and more.
  • Statistical streaks and data: match ups, teams, trends, and more coming soon.

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Get alerted in real-time when an upcoming game matches your betting system.

Match Alerts give members the power to immediately act on games and lines that match profitable and winning betting systems. When a match is found, get notified in real-time via email and direct within your account inbox.

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Use Top Profit & Win Rate Systems

Members gain the advantage of collective intelligence of other members betting systems. Browse and share the top sports betting systems, then copy them to your account.

Finding the right combination of filters to run simulations can show powerful insights and betting decisions indicators. But as teams evolve through the season and over time, so should a betting system. As a result members can monitor and share the best betting systems by sports, profit, win rate and more as new data influences the betting system performance and unveil new patterns, trends and value.

What others say about us

Jamieson review of IBT's betting system

Solid work guys. Like most your members, I’m a casual to heavy bettor online, and confident to say I’ve had my share of lost bets. Having read about you in the forums, I tested you out and created a few sports betting systems with the tools, compared the results against a few expert picks and betting lines. Gotta admit, I’m hitting higher win rates. I created two systems – a football betting system and nba system, and being able to simulate betting situations is proving out to be a sound data model to hit returns 3X better than I’ve done over past seasons.

Scotts betting system review of Intelligent Betting Tips

I’d just like to extend a big thank you to Leah and the team for your support. I’ve spent countless football seasons pouring over spreadsheets and modelling various betting scenarios. What took me days, now takes me literally minutes. Since trying it I’ve now uncovered a few NFL betting systems that has turned some of the best betting profits I’ve seen in years. Thumbs up!