Both teams to score soccer betting strategy

Soccer Betting Strategy: Both Teams to Score Market

In the spirit of World Cup approaching and the UEFA Champions League our soccer predictions coverage is only growing for our members to make insightful decisions and profits. So it’s only timely in our sports betting strategy coverage we cover a number of soccer betting strategies for our members, beginning with one of the hottest trending strategies punters are using in their soccer betting systems; the both team to score market strategy.

The both teams to score market has become one of the fastest growing strategies among sports bettors in the last few years. Why it’s popularity? Well, among many things within industries, so too in the sport betting markets do some sports betting strategies come and go, and others trend over time as recreational sports bettors evolve their approach to betting and seek out other winning sports betting strategies and betting systems.

Unlike the Fibonacci soccer betting strategy that’s been around longer than I can remember, the betting strategy of both team to score market only recently come onto the sports betting scene when one of the leading sportsbooks (Betfred) introduced to the soccer betting market their Goals Galore market. The Goals Galore allows the soccer bettor to choose their matches from a large coupon (chosen by the sportsbook), before each selection gets added to the an accumulator type bet.

Confused yet? You shouldn’t be because as you’ll soon find it it’s actually quite simple. Lets run through how this soccer betting strategy works.

The concept of this betting strategy is actually quite simple. Then too did Leonardo DaVinci say that simplicity is the art of sophistication, but honestly, I’ve run through this football betting strategy and it is just that….simple. After your familiarize yourself with the both teams to score market, I encourage you to also see our post on 3 advanced soccer betting tips.

The sports bettor will select a game where he things both teams will score at some time or point in the match.

The bettor can do this at any time and does not make a difference how many goals each team scores. Just as long as its one or more goals.

Unlike most betting strategies, the result of the match makes no difference to the punter or bettor. Once both teams score a goal the market will be paid out. But, if one or both teams fail to score a goal, then the punters bet becomes a losing bet.

Immediately the sports bettor might things the arbitrage in this strategy is to bet on both teams to score. Well, you’re right. Its a common strategy within this to bet on both teams to score.

One of the key things you’ll want to look at in the match up is for this betting strategy are the teams playing style overall, and against one another. Look to determine which teams are more attack or offence minded. The bettor will need a team that is solid going forward, but similar to some NFL football strategies, look for teams with a combined decent defence. Why? For this betting strategy, you’ll need the team to concede the odd goal.

For this soccer betting strategy, it is not always going to be the best bet to place your money on the stronger team, such as Man U, or Barcelona. While they are more likely to score more goals in their league, they are teams who will also not give up as many goals either.

Why most sports bettors lose across many sports is that they place too much emphasis on the opposition, and the media-hyped teams. Teams hyped by the media typically are those racking up the scores. But in fact, the sports bettor should be looking at teams that are lower in the league who are most likely going to struggle to keep a clean sheet, but also can give up the odd goals.

Where to begin? Strikers and Defenders

For this soccer betting strategy to work, I urge any sports investor or bettor who bets on soccer and applies this betting strategy to start off getting familiar with what the media is telling you before placing a bet.

If the captain or key striker on the team has failed as of late, whether it be the fitness test, goals forward or average scoring streak in the last X games, will give the bettor some insight into the confidence or opportunity the strikers goal performance will reduced.

Conversely, if the team’s best defender is in top performance (goals against), or back from injury then the confidence rating will be higher and more likely not many goals will be conceded. Understanding the star striker(s) and defender(s) performance can have a massive impact on how you approach this soccer betting strategy.

Second Insight: Goals Score and Conceded

A second data point in this betting system is the emphasize your attention on the teams scoring and conceding form. What I mean by this is the habits the teams demonstrate scoring goals, or conceding goals, both individually as a team and against each other.

What you’ll want to look for is a weak defence and a strong offence. It can be challenging to find both attributes on a team,  but if the punter can, then its the best bet to just stay away from the team.

However most team are stronger on one side. Assess the last 5-8 games of both teams and determine if goals were involved. By doing this you’ll get a feel for the teams form in both their home and away performance, and then apply this to the upcoming soccer fixture. Taking this point into consideration is just as important as the latter, because even the strongest or weakest teams will showcase differences in their home or away games, especially if they’ve been on the road for the last few matches.

Feel free to share you World Cup betting strategy, or the strategies you apply to football betting….errrr…soccer betting strategies over the season. Both good and bad results, share with other punters by commenting below. And if found this valuable or helpful, I only ask to pay back karma by using the buttons above to share to Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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