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Sharps use these 5 hidden MLB World Series betting strategies

Sharps use these 5 hidden MLB betting strategiesThe MLB World series is among the most popular time of year for baseball handicappers, bettors, investors, and the online sportsbooks.

It’s a common trend to see baseball bettors and investors pull our the big bankrolls during the final series than any time throughout the season. And of course, the recreational bettors and public money are drawn into betting on the World Series for the obvious hype the media propagate to the public and fans.

Its typical to see recreational bettors make the most common mistakes in betting baseball this time of season, and yet the Sharps experienced baseball bettors understand this added attention and media hype creates advantageous betting opportunities to take major profit off the table.

In this post we’ll introduce you to 5 hidden betting strategies Sharps, investors and experiences handicappers use to profit from betting on the MLB playoffs and World Series. Though before you read this post, consider the 3 tips for betting MLB playoffs, versus regular seasons.

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1. Pitchers on Short Rest

Public betting money and consensus baseball predictions are quick to ignore the impact of pitchers short rest. These bettors think there is little to no difference between pitching after a few days.

This is where Sharps and mlb handicappers take advantage as there a significant difference. Short rest for pitchers interrupts their routine, and stresses limitations to recuperate both mentally and physically.

Statistically speaking the public consensus data and flow of public money shows an assumption that a pitcher on short rest will perform just as a pitcher on full rest. Just look at the numbers, because this is not the case.

Sharps understand you cannot assume that a pitcher will do worse on short rest – some will actually do just as well as they would on full rest. To validate the confidence rating on your MLB picks though, review the data of the pitchers short rest performance over their historical records, who they are playing, the bullpen strength and other related data.

As in many Sharps betting strategies, they take advantage of the public predictions and money flow. They know the public won’t put the pitcher under a microscope (let alone a telescope), let alone what the pitcher is being asked to do. If you employ this view in your MLB playoffs or World Series betting strategy as the Sharps and expert mlb handicappers do, you’ll find some nice value on what side to place your bankroll.

2. One-sided Public Betting

It’s popular among Sharps betting strategies to manipulate and take advantage of public predictions or consensus and the money flow. Similar in selecting your NFL picks, the 2 tips Sharp NFL bettors don’t want you to know the perspective of the one-sided public opinion is overwhelmingly one-sided.

In MLB betting and especially found in when betting on MLB World Series, the public is not known for being particularly objective. Basically, if they like a team, then they realllllly like the team.

The public has major biases, much of which is advocated and amplified by the sports media and team loyalty. Like a psychotic girlfriend, once the public latches onto a team, they run with them to the end; and the online sportsbooks see this in the public money flow  when lines or posted and adjusted.

In many cases Sharps look to see if the bias towards one team is particularly strong and the betting action becomes unbalanced, then the line could be inflated and Sharps, investors and baseball handicappers will find seductive value betting on the underdog team.

3. One-Sided Pitching Matchups

Its not uncommon for the public to seek a pitching matchup and favor one pitcher more strongly over the other.

A good example is when one teams starter is a high profile pitcher with experience and years of success, while the other pitcher is quite the opposite, or if experiences a lot of success, then the public will favor more strongly the popular pitcher.

The Sharps and MLB handicappers look for the advantage when the public perception or media hype does not match the reality of the pitchers expectations; thus creating the betting opportunity.

4. Offensive Hangover

A KPI expert handicappers and Sharps watch for is the day after a big offensive explosion in the MLB playoffs or World Series.

The betting public gets entranced with the offence after a big game. If the team executes some great plays, then its like fuel to the fire for the public opinion, and assume the same performance will continue.

Sharps and cappers watch for this and statistically it doesn’t continue more times than most. In the World Series, both teams are solid teams as they obviously did something right consistently to get there. But its unlikely explosive plays and runs will continue, thus in your betting system strategy, its important to know the key statistics in MLB handicapping. Whether its the pitchers performance, weather, batters, etc., its unlikely momentum is maintained over the course of more than one game in a row.

Expert baseball handicappers and Sharps often place their MLB picks when incorporating this insight into their predictions. If a team is very strong offensively one game then the public tends to bet that team more heavily, thus moving the lines, than they would otherwise in the following game. What this means is the Sharps will see more value on the other team than what others may not see.

5. Bullpen Cracks

Most baseball bettors underestimate the importance of the bullpen when betting on the World Series.

Managers tend to make frequent pitching changes, and starting pitchers are under more scrutiny in order to get favorable matchups. Sharps watch for a bullpen that has faced a lot of wear and tear in previous games, and when they show signs of strain then Sharps and expert MLB handicappers find potential opportunity.

Running quick analysis on a teams historical performance over the season, its not to difficult to get a sense of when a key player of the bullpen normally wouldn’t be available. Thus if a few players of a bullpen appear to have exceeded their ideal workload and potential, then this can dramatically put the team performance at risk.

Sharps make very tidy profits on this insight when they see this opportunity arise and exploit it to their advantage. And almost any betting system won’t tell you this, which is why 90% of sports betting systems don’t work.

Take consideration in these 5 hidden MLB betting strategies Sharps use in the MLB playoffs and World Series. Got others to add, share below in our comments.

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