Members are a Force for Good

They say charity starts at home, and we always envision a philanthropic culture among our organization.

From our humbling beginnings, our members are a force for good and see their support go to the frontline where they are needed most.

At Intelligent Betting Tips we have built a name for quality, reliability and service – but we want our name to stand for more. That is why we are dedicated to making a positive difference to our world – in our home town, country and across the globe. Everyone is responsible.

In these challenging times we aim to do our part to help each other and contribute to the common good. And this all builds on our mandate of collectiveness and collaboration among the people and communities.

Whether its the crushing recession that put already struggling families on the streets, to unattainable costs to get a decent education, natural disasters wiping out homes and loved ones, to the viral disease crippling our families and those without access to the most basic medicines, through our members we’re doing our part to make a difference to better this world.

Intelligent Betting Tips donates 10% of every member’s service to this common good every month. As we build on this effort, we will follow through with the story and let members know where and who their support has helped make a difference.

We thank all members from around the globe for their continued support, and we will endeavor to continue our work of giving back to the less unfortunate, and to the world at large.


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