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NHL betting basics and handicappers tips

NHL Handicappers | Betting Tips & StrategyWhen the majority of North American expert handicappers and sports bettors are focused on NFL and college football picks, the NHL season is in full swing and offers some great sports investing opportunities. Especially once the Superbowl is over and bettors move into the NBA and college basketball, once these two are done one of the only remaining investment opportunities in North American sports will be the NHL and NHL playoffs.

If you’re considering investing into the NHL, one of the first tips to watch for are expert handicappers who’ve played through the NHL season, and their track record, vs. handicappers and tipsters who only begin to study and place their NHL picks once the bread and butter of NFL and college sports are over. Monitoring the experts handicapping NHL will give the sports investors a basic inside track of who to short list to and dig deeper into their NHL picks track record and performance.

While recreational hockey bettors can find solid returns on NHL games, and sharp bettors and expert NHL handicappers apply NHL betting strategies to capitalized on some extremely profitable returns.And whether you’re new to betting on hockey, dabble in NHL betting or seeking to expand your sports investment portfolio, we’ll introduce you in this post to the intro 101’s of NHL betting and investing.

NHL betting offers three bet types to choose; money line, puck line and total line. Although puck line and total line are available options, the most recreational sports bettors place their NHL picks on the money line.

NHL Money Line

Assuming you know the fundamentals of the three bet types; moneyline, totals and spreads,  you won’t have to learn anything new about wagering on hockey. You’ll place your NHL picks and predictions to risk money on a your favorite, or underdog, and the lines are drawn just like all the other team sports.

The basic idea of money line wagering is the team’s ability to score and defend, and its the same as in hockey and other sports (ex. NFL moneyline). However, money line in hockey takes a little different shape due to power plays. The teams ability to score and defend during power plays heavily affects its position on the money line.

NHL Betting Tip

  • When handicapping or selecting your NHL picks and game prediction, look at the statistics for the teams match up and look at their recent record of power play performance and penalties. If history shows the teams draw a higher than average amount of penalties, and one team is dominating power plays throughout the season and/or against the specific team, gives you a betting indicator on your NHL picks.

Apart from the power play, goalie’s form also makes a difference. Since the goalie can make a huge difference to any game in hockey, importance to its form is only natural looking at your NHL pick selection for the game.

Puck Line

The combination of reverse money line and point spread gives rise to the puck line. Every puck line starts at 1.5 goals spread, and there is a money line for both the favorite and the underdog.

If your NHL pick is on the on the favorite team (ex. Vancouver Canucks) according to the money line, you will only win your bet if your team wins by two or more goals.

Alternatively, if your NHL picks is on the underdog, your team will have to loss by a goal or draw the match for you to make money. Obviously, an outright win for underdog means you money is added right back to your bankroll.

NHL Totals

The total line in hockey sees very little fluctuation. The total line will usually fluctuate between five and six goals in hockey. Sportsbooks like Bodog, Sportsbook.com, Bet365, etc. will add a money line to a total line in order to create some imbalance in favor of favorite or underdog.The odds will be adjusted accordingly. Any expert handicapper (ex. IntelligentBettingTips.com pool of expert handicappers, or Jim Feist, Who2beton or Don Best), sharp or recreational bettor using a sports prediction model or IntelligentBettingTips.com collective intelligence model will have to be pretty confident to predict the true outcome of the game on total line in order to make money from this wagering technique.

NHL Betting Tip

  • Look at the numbers of the teams historical performance. If you understand a team’s average for scored and conceded goals in a game, you will be able to handicap the total line. Hockey handicappers will look at this key statistic, among other data points, when determining their NHL pick prediction.

You will not only have to look into a team’s ability to score but to defend its own goal as well. The form of starting goalie will also impact the outcome of this style of wagering.

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