NFL teasers - football betting strategy

NFL teasers and what NFL handicappers watch for

NFL teasers - football betting strategyNFL teaser means different things to different people and NFL handicappers in the NFL betting market. NFL teasers can be a popular approach to applying NFL picks for many sharp and whale NFL bettors. They understand NFL teasers and take advantage of them, especially the ‘rarities’ (see below), unlike most recreational NFL bettors who don’t understand NFL teasers, or simply avoid them all together, such as asian handicapping on soccer tips. Many expert NFL handicappers and sharps will audit the NFL teasers offered by sportsbooks too, looking for key numbers and opportunities, as the sportsbooks can present some major investment opportunities that the typically novice NFL bettor would miss.

As some sport bettors evolve from the average joe bet, or recreational NFL bettor to approach betting on NFL as an investment opportunity. These sports bettors or investors will use their analysis or NFL handicapping services to use custom teasers to get the edge with the books, such as using six-point and two-team NFL teasers.

To understand basics teasing a bet, you only need to learn about the point spread. For a tease bet, the points for two or more teams are added to the point spread. The number of points added is always fixed. When points for all the teams cover the teaser line, the bettor wins the bet.

Expert NFL handicappers and sharps who invest in NFL teasers will find NFL teaser bets of six points, and it can go up to thirteen points. However, these are not standard teaser points and they can vary with every game.

Many professional bettors and an expert NFL handicapper love teasers because they provide an easy way to beat the books to win their NFL bets. Investing in sports through NFL teasers to make money from sportsbooks can become easy once a bettor or expert handicapper develops the know-how of NFL teasers. Yes – it comes with experience.

However, one only has to identify the football picks and games with a potential to tease the bet. Some expert NFL handicappers, sports investors and bettors would spend an entire week surveying the lines through NFL odds services and then pick up team to tease it down to three points. For underdogs, bettors like to follow the basic sports betting strategy where they catch more than a touchdown is possible with underdogs.

NFL Teaser Tip:

When bookmakers set NFL teasers they watch for the number three and are cautious with offering these teasers. The number 3 is the popular value in NFL and sports betting and sportsbooks as Bodog or will attempt to avoid the risks and move the line off the number 3. Expert NFL handicappers and tipsters offering  NFL picks will watch multiple books and lines for this and when available, take advantage.

Sharp sports investors and handicappers understand the importance of this number simply by observing the stats. Remember watching the numbers in NFL football is a key strategy used by NFL handicappers and taking winning picks.They will notice that one out of five games land on this number. When this happens, a good NFL handicapper will offer an NFL football pick on these. The basic NFL betting strategy for NFL teaser takes advantage of these type of opportunities. The handicapper and bettor teases the books by manipulating this number to get on the right side of the key number.

An important tip to add to NFL teasers is understanding the ‘over’ and ‘under’ situation. Although both are never meant to be underdogs, this can be a possible rarity. In some games, favorites and underdogs can be on the line. This can happen when the final numbers land close to the bookmakers. In order to benefit from different situations, and to keep a simplified NFL betting strategy, its recommended to forget about rarities if you’re just learning NFL teasers, and only invest on the key numbers with your NFL picks.

Basic NFL Teaser Strategy

Remember, biggest key numbers in the NFL are 3 and 7 which are also the most common winning margins. An NFL teaser that crosses through 3 and 7 is commonly known as a basic strategy teaser among expert handicappers and sharps, and the two subsets are teasing up underdogs between +1½ and +2½ and teasing down favorites between -7½ and -8½.

These teasers obviously can help you get favorites down to less than 3 points, and teasing underdogs past the important numbers of 3 and 7.
Most important question though is are these type of teasers profitable? When you run the numbers, in order to make a profit at +100 you need to hit a teaser more than fifty percent of the time.

Hitting a NFL teaser more than 50% of the time means that with every individual leg of the teaser you must hit better than 70.7 percent. However, in order to make a profit at a price of -110 you simply need to win more than 52.3% of the teasers you place. Expert handicappers should look for this and provide predictions that aren’t just easy opportunities, but profitable.

For example, if you calculate the numbers for the two basic teaser groups over time, and break even, the historical data shows results that six pointers are very clear. Historical handicapping data will show that the even at -110 odds the percentage is profitable.

Historical expert handicappers data also indicate teasing home teams can be better if the sportsbook like Bodog or Sportsbook, provide a pay out at -110. The reason for this is because there is smaller profit in teasing road teams.

Keeping the above in mind if using your handicappers NFL picks to tease and NFL game, profit is profit, regardless how small it is, so don’t leave the road teams untouched. Proper bankroll management and sport investment advise will help you turn a profit over time, just as investing in the markets. Those who shoot for the moon for that one time big pay off will typically lose, whereas the Warren Buffet approach to seek value, strategy and lwoer risk yet profitable opportunities will accumulate their value over time far greater than gambling on a few big games.

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