NBA predictions track record

2013 NBA playoff predictions from handicapper Venus

2013 NBA predictions track record - VenusWith the Miami Heat leading the Eastern Conference playoffs 3-2 against Indiana, and another chance to seal another conference, lets take a quick preview of our pool of expert handicappers whose basketball predictions are padding our members portfolio’s that play on our NBA picks.

NBA playoff prediction time is an interest time of year for handicappers and tipsters as the variety of prediction strategies applied to produce their basketball picks tend to create reciprocal prediction performance from the regular season vs. playoffs, except for the few whose picks strategy remains tight and perform with profitable portfolios into the NBA playoffs and through to the finals.

Those basketball handicappers whose betting systems work for them this season were a few of them who contributed to our 5 tips for betting on the NBA playoffs tips for betting on the NBA playoffs article (a good overview if you haven’t ready it already).

Going back to our pool of handicappers, who by the way do not operate under, but are actually industry experts and analysts who cover and sell their own picks through their own services, I took a closer look at one of our top performing basketball handicappers.

NBA Handicapper: Venus

Ya, ok – its a cheese-ball alias name, and as most our members are aware all our industry expert handicappers and tipsters as Venus use alias’s relating to most Greek gods (why Greek gods – I think a few beers with these guys came up with such an ingenious idea 😉 ), it just so turns out our Greek god of love Venus handicapping track record is pulling rank as the best NBA handicapper among the pool of expert handicappers.

Ok first you’re asking – why use the alias names? We’ve posted this to a number of members, in that because these cappers operate their own industry handicapping services (many you would know who’ve been around for +20 years), and who price their picks accordingly, then to have them contribute to the unique model we offer, we’ve worked an agreement that works for everyone.

Under their handicapping picks services, and most others for that fact, sell their picks on a per game basis, or packages by ranking. This works for those sports bettors who are looking to place some action on a specific game…essentially gambling on sports.

Whereas we don’t offer picks on a pay per game basis, as we know this is not the strategy to apply in any investment strategy, we instead offer member packages where members get all the information and services offered for sports investing.

The reason is for any investment portfolio to work over time, it’s not going to work like a penny stock service to lure the investor or bettor in with a cheap potentially winning pick…..or stock. So without bringing onboard the layer of industry experts as these handicappers, we would be missing a core data set in our prediction model or betting system as some may view it. For that reason, to retain the handicappers confidentiality to have them on board with the model, we’ve agreed to provide alias for their names.

Not withstanding, because of this approach too, you’ll find the most transparent insight on their performance records too.

Back to our top handicapper for the 2013 NBA seasons, Venus has taken top position for best performance in the NBA within his overall portfolio.

Who is Venus? He’s a well known handicapper in the industry for the last +20 years, who offers not only his private picks to select clients, but also operates his sports picks through some of the top cappers sites online today. He manages a team of analysts and cappers who oversea a high profile client list, placing single game investments in the 6 figure range.

So as the NBA finals are only days away and we watch closely if the defending Heat can send the Pacers back home in game 5, lets look at Venus’s NBA picks for the season and how they’ve parred members who’s invested their bankrolls on his plays.

Venus NBA Picks Track Record

View Venus full sports investment portfolio and track record.

Sport: NBA
Time: Last 6 months
Profit: $10,564
Units: +41.4
Yield: 11.3%
Win Rate: 56%
Total Tips: 76

2013 NBA predictions track record - Venus

NBA predictions track record

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