MLB handicappers betting strategies and doubleheaders

Handicapping MLB on doubleheaders

MLB handicappers betting strategies and doubleheaders The MLB league understands the distaste among ball players of doubleheaders, and a love for them by sports fans. But for gamblers betting on MLB, there is a growing appreciation for MLB doubleheaders. And for a specific group of MLB bettors and expert handicappers, they view investing on MLB doubleheaders as progressive wagering.

Progressive wagering on MLB is one of many MLB betting strategies that allow baseball bettors to keep increasing the size of their investment or bet even when facing losses. If you win once, your ‘chase’  can result in huge benefits. Expert MLB handicappers understand this and look for these doubleheader opportunities for specific teams where they see an advantage with the underdog or the favorite.

MLB Doubleheader Strategy

To understand the ‘chase’ consider a day of double-dip. The sports bettor can take his handicappers MLB picks and start by betting $200 on a game. If his team wins the game, he wins the bet. However, if his team loses the game, he can bet $400 on the next game. This progressive MLB betting strategy can help the sports bettor turn the day into an extremely profitable one despite starting it with a loss.

There are a number of MLB sports betting systems that can select MLB picks with win a 50% average, but any sports bettor understands proper bankroll management and an average win percentage of 52% to 57% is necessary to become a profitable in betting on baseball.

What makes betting on MLB unique is the fact that its one of the few major league sports that offers the sports bettor of the opportunity of leveraging doubleheaders in their baseball investing. MLB handicapping by expert handicappers, and through their statistical analysis should find the investment opportunities in the double headers.

For example, approximately 26% doubleheaders end up in a sweep, and winning money in three games out of four by working up a chase after picking the right team, or even the blind team is possible. However, while anyone handicapping MLB as an investment opportunity would apply the doubleheader betting strategy of the ‘chase’  would apply statistical analysis and expert insider information, along with shopping the odds. Though a MLB betting tip for wagering on MLB doubleheaders when using a professional baseball handicapper is to research their MLB picks track record and performance for double headers. The handicappers or tipsters should have this data available, and a record of their win performance, units won, profitability and yield. However for the recreational MLB bettor or fan looking to make a few benjamins on MLB can apply the ‘chase’ strategy to maximize their profitability.

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