MLB key statistics for MLB handicapping

Key statistics in MLB handicapping

MLB key statistics for MLB handicappingIf you’re handicapping MLB, or a beginner MLB handicapper and looking for the advantage on the MLB season, then its integral you know the key stats in baseball.

Although everything in baseball is recorded as a measurement of some kind, yet savvy bettors and expert handicappers still manage to find out the most important stats in the piles of information to make their MLB picks or baseball bets. Knowing the key stats in baseball also can become a big advantage when betting on MLB doubleheaders. Handicapping MLB Doubleheaders offer its own betting strategies, and knowing the key stats in MLB, can offer an advantage on picking the underdog or favorite.

When you have to do the daunting task of extracting useful information from the pile of data in MLB,  start by conducting a pitching matchup study for starters. Starters affect every game as they influence the money lines and total lines in every game. Seeing stats for current form of starters will give you one of the most important indicator for handicapping MLB or making your MLB picks before placing down your investment with a sportsbook.

Baseball pitcher’s current form is an important stat for baseball handicappers. To use this as an indicator for making your MLB picks and baseball wagers, you can calculate ERA (Earned Run Average) versus WHIP (walks and hits per innings pitched) and see the difference.

Combining the two stats will give you a good idea about pitcher’s overall ability. Focus on last four or five games to understand pitcher’s current form.

Offensive or scoring stats also contribute to good performance used by expert handicappers in their MLB picks. There are different offensive stats that influence the game. For instance, the team’s ability to score runs can improve team’s overall position despite its poor form with batting averages. A team lying in the bottom half based on batting averages can mount to top slots of the league with its ability to score runs.

Walks per game represent a team’s ability to put men on base. Expert MLB handicappers using this stat will understand the game more closely and they will be able to know the team better offensively, and where to make their MLB predictions on the underdog or favorite.

Finally, home-plate umpires can leave dramatic impact on games. Umpires influence on each baseball game depends on size of strike zone. Umpires with tight strike zone will usually lead the games to go ‘over’ the total whereas the umpires with liberal interpretation tend to lead the games into a pitching duel.

So when investing into the MLB season this year, if you’re using an MLB prediction model or expert handicapper or doing your own calculations, know the key stats to watch for and over time, you’ll find positive indicators on where to be investing your next MLB pick.

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