Investment Opportunities

Intelligent Betting Tips is an attractive investment opportunity with a strong brand, proprietary intellectual property, track record and global strategy within the sports information industry. Investment opportunities outlined below.


We offer to ways to partner; an Integrated API Partner or Hosted Partner. Integrated partners have a client database, ecommerce system and client support. The Partner integrates to our various features through an API. This investment solution works best for existing operators or multi-channel operators.

The Hosted partner relationship is where the partners client database and ecommerce system is hosted on Intelligent Betting Tips Network. This investment solution works best for start up operators.

White Label Solutions

The white label solution is a turn-key or customized solution where the investor enjoys a host of resources provided by Intelligent Betting Tips Network, including security, merchant payment systems, and related technical operations, which allows more investment and resources into the marketing. White label investors launch their services under their own brand and website address


The franchise opportunity provides the investor the greatest amount of revenue, while leveraging the value of the Investment Betting Tips brand. The franchise investment will vary, depending on your particular needs and choices. Our program offers short-term financing on the cost of technical resources and marketing. We offer franchisee’s exclusive global territories, website setup resources for design and development, system training, use of the Intelligent Betting Tips trademark and head office support. Total investments include initial franchise fee, royalty fees, advertising fees and an agreement term.

The goal of Intelligent Betting Tips is to duplicate the same commitment to product quality, value, customer service and brand affinity.

These basic principles are best executed by owner/operators and franchisees who are dedicated entirely to the hands-on marketing of their own digital property, and supported by an extensive range of services provided by Intelligent Betting Tips Network and its affiliated companies.

Future expansion and opportunities will continue in the global markets for the next several years.


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