How Our Sports Prediction Model Works

The decision and prediction model of ‘collective intelligence’, is the most powerful and confident prediction model available today, and only through today’s technologies is it available.

The collective intelligence prediction model stems from behavioral economics, and derives from scientific and economic scholar research from Harvard University and MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  

This collective intelligence prediction model of forecasting future outcomes is employed by some of the most successful Wall Street organizations, and has been covered by major media as CBS news, ABC News, CNBC, Time, US News,, The Wall Street Journal and numerous others.

Sports media

Through a proprietary model, we’ve applied this intelligent prediction model to predicting sporting event outcomes. Is a proven model built on a combination of expert sport analysts and some of the best industry handicapper moguls, global social sports data and opinions, and a combination of proprietary algorithms in producing an intelligent sport pick. services are not for everyone. Members have an investment mindset and understand the value and winning edge that the model provides them. Similar to other services for investing in stocks, options, ETF’s, bonds, etc., our services are viewed as a similar investment tool

Individuals who understand this become members, and profit. Members not limited to just their preferred sport such as NFL football. Members have full access to use this model for over 20 sports, and almost every league.

Members who view this model as an investment tool, and those who are already buying 2, 3 or more picks a month from other services, will find the power, and value of our services unlike any other sports prediction services available in the industry today.

Maximize Profits Earned & Return

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The Betting System

Industry Expert Handicappers, Analysts and Syndicates

  • We have over 18 of the most well known names and moguls in sports handicapping involved in our prediction model. All are expert handicappers you already know and some are moguls in the handicapper industry. Together, with our expert sport analysts and syndicates, make up our pool of industry experts.
  • Each expert handicapper has between 10 to +30 years professional experience. Members gain access to over 10 years of their prediction data inside.
  • Traditional statistical analysis, modeling, and the inside track of players performance and sportsbook lines are already covered by the experts picks.
  • Individuals already buy individual picks directly from them. Members gain access to the entire pool of expert handicappers.
  • Expert sports analysts, and syndicates

Global Social Experts

  • Using today’s technologies, we’ve harness the power of hundreds of thousands of individuals sport predictions and opinions from around the globe. It’s a collective pool of the global opinion.
  • Our mathematical algorithms then takes the best individuals, or ‘social experts’ from this global pool. We look at each individuals performance over time, by sport, and other factors to produce the ‘social experts’. Member also gain full access to their predictions.
  • All the global knowledge, predictions and opinions are collected, analyzed, and graded. The high-value micro-level local and expert opinions, to the mass market and audience opinion, it’s all taken into account when a sport prediction, tip or pick is made.
  • Only today has the world been able to utilize collective intelligence and tap into this vast knowledge-base resource on a global scale thanks to today’s latest Web 2.0 technologies.

Mathematical Algorithms

  • Multiple proprietary mathematical algorithms are applied using computer technologies to analyze the handicapping experts, and social experts data, and produce what we call “Intelligent Sport Predictions”.

Combining and grading all three criteria above, produces the greatest confidence in sport game out comes available today.

Scholar & Academic Research

he prediction model using behavioral economics ‘collective intelligent’ stems from active scholar  research from Harvard Business in ‘Decision 2.0′ Power of Collective Intelligence, and academic research from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Center for Collective Intelligence 

The collective intelligence prediction model is considered by many experts as an evolution in predicting future outcomes and executive decision making. We just applied it to sports. Only by the growth in todays web technologies has collective intelligence truly been able to be researched, tested and applied.

The intelligent sports prediction model has emerged as a pioneer in evolving the entire sports handicapping and forecasting market, and providing the greatest confidence in sport game out comes available today.

Wall Street & Fortune 500’s

The prediction model of using collective intelligence is utilized by some of the most successful and powerful organizations on Wall Street today. This prediction and decision model is applied by major brands as Google, Dell, and Procter and Gamble. It is also taught major Ivy league MBA (master of business) programs at some from some of the most prestigious business and technology institutes as Harvard and MIT.

Access to our services are available through membership. Sign up and see the value members gain from our services, including web-based account access open 24/7, loyalty rewards program, cash-back program, contribution to our philanthropy efforts and various other communication methods in our service packages.

Harness the power of the most intelligent predictive model in sports available today.


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