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How to bet a 6-point teaser in NFL and college football

football predictions and teasersThe avid sports investor will likely already know there are various teaser bets out available in NFL or college football betting, and that a 6-point teaser is one of the most popular teasers played among all sports gamblers and investors.

Even handicappers and betting systems understand the value of a 6-point teaser in their football predictions and nfl picks, but only when the timing and opportunity is right. You can’t play them all, but you can play them strategically.

What is a 6-point teaser?

Before you read on about 6-point teasers, I recommend you familiarize yourself with what is a teaser bet (and if your new to sports investing or betting on football, read this post on how to bet on football). A 6 point teaser is similar to a parlay or accumulator bet, yet unique in how its paid out. For example, you can risk is $120 to win $100 instead of risking $100 to win $210, as is in the case of parlay betting. Remember though, a teaser bet will pay less money than a parlay, but gives you one big advantage, you can move the point spread.

With a with six point teaser, you can move the line six points for the favorite or the underdog; it doesn’t matter which team as it’s your choice. And the key to that is trying to move off the numbers that are live. For example, if the San Franciso is at +3. and the Miami is at -10 on the line, a 6-point teaser would mean the new position for San Franciso would be +9 and for Miami would be -4.

When reviewing your football picks and predictions, and thinking of trying to take advantage of a 6-point teaser, don’t depend on it entirely but keep your regular wagering strategy going along side 6-point teaser. The point is that you will spot occasions where you can use 6-point teaser, and take the advantage. But neglecting your investing or wagering strategy will de-leverage the potential gains over time – after all investing like sport betting, profits come over time with sound strategy and prudent management.

This is why a 6 point teaser in football betting is advantageous in that while 80% of the time your sports investing strategy and management is maintained, yet leaving 10-20% room for timely opportunities where the lessor risk for greater reward presents itself.

Online sportsbooks often take an additional step to cater for bettors playing a teaser bet, yet rarely recommended from most sports betting systems, tipsters or handicapper prediction services. Why we’ll never know for sure as these timely opportunities should be considered within a betting strategy, but speaking for the sportsbooks, it means you won’t have any problems finding -110 in football to apply to a 6-point teaser. You will even find bookmakers offering +100 odds for college football 6-point teaser.

When betting on football using 6-point teaser, you have to understand various other rules to succeed in wagering and winning your football prediction. And if a handicapper or tipster suggests it, try to understand the justification behind it from the betting system.

For example, a rule for 6-point teaser says that if push and loss occurs, then the teaser is ruled a loss. Alternatively, if there are two pushes, the bet will become invalid without any action. Similarly, if there is a push and a win, the bet will be ruled no action. You will also have to make sure that you are making the most of six points to take any advantage from 6-point teaser wagering.

Although you will get +100 for college football teasers, this does not mean that this will benefit the wager. The bookmaker will only do this to make teaser a little more attractive.

This means that teasers can’t come closer to the points offered in the NFL. The reason for this is that the NFL lines are usually solid because the maximum number of weekend games doesn’t go beyond 16.

On the other hand, college football gets around 60 games on a weekend making lines slightly off. With six points added in your favor, these lines are going to be more off the mark.

Plus in ncaa college football, game upsets are more common – similar to collect basketball, and in the NFL, the football lines far less than most college football lines. You may see the same pattern when expert handicappers make their college picks on the spreads or totals. This means that its not uncommon to see much higher point spreads and totals, whereas is not close to the similar outcome as moving lines in the lower values.

And less we forget our Wong teasers betting strategy; teasing football lines to secure the key numbers. You can learn more about the football betting system strategy of key numbers for the NFL, but for a quick refresher you’re looking for 3 and 7 as key numbers in NFL scores. There are other key numbers for consideration too, but for the intent of Wong teasers in football, watch for the three and seven.  When you can secure those key numbers, or moving the line in your favor across two of them, a bettor levels the playing field and in some cases better their odds against the book.

So remember in your betting or investing strategy, the 6-point teaser can be an opportunity to get the edge, but only used when the timing is appropriate. Stay true and strong to your seasonal strategy to mitigate the risk and increase the rewards over time, while a smaller percentage of your bankroll can risk on potentially  higher rewards when the situation calls for it.

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