how to bet on soccer by football tipster and expert soccer hanidcappers

How football tipsters and expert handicappers bet on soccer

how to bet on soccer by football tipster and expert soccer hanidcappersEuropean and international football, or popularized as soccer in North America, is well known as the most popular sport in the world. Why else would it be considered ‘the beautiful game’. Watching soccer brings an excitement all on its own, especially the FIFA World Cup and other major leagues as the Champions league, Europa league, CONCAFA and more.

As popular as football, or soccer, is throughout the world, it fails to bring the kind of hype in North America as the NFL, NBA and College sports. Why?

Is it the betting attraction, the media or America just trying to differentiate itself from its European counterparts? Even though expert handicappers and mainstream sports bettors invest heavily on playing NFL picks every season, the lack of exposure of soccer lines has likely contributed to the lower interest in attracting North American betting on seasonal and major soccer games.

Did you even now there were soccer lines? If you have not, you’re not alone. Many sports recreational sports bettors and even the avid sports investor has not heard, or just never considered, soccer lines as part of their betting strategy, sports investment strategy. However, if you look at the European counterparts, you’ll find numerous sports punters and tipsters betting on soccer (or betting on football), as well as horses. These two are the most popular sports throughout Europe that draws in sports bettors, punters, soccer tipsters and expert handicappers. However you want to call it, a good sports investor will go where the money is, and invest in sports without the emotional ties with the goal to build their bankroll, and investment portfolio.

Soccer betting, or football investing, on your soccer picks is a potentially profitable opportunity for bettors, as it lacks the kind of action other mainstream sports are known for such as NFL and NBA. For this reason, most bettors stay away from soccer betting, but the experienced soccer investor is well aware of the opportunity.

The popularity surrounding UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, and Spanish La Liga, soccer is expected to increase in popularity among sports bettors from North America. Is it because of the David Beckham attraction to the LA Galaxy, or the annual summer tours of Barcelona that is raising awareness of soccer? Possibly, but my belief is that as the mainstream markets get more exposure to international sports and European football through the diversity of media available today (ex. watching Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Messi YouTube videos). If you’re an attuned sports investor, you can grab the opportunity and make huge profits from soccer even if you’re a newbie to the game.

Betting on major soccer tournaments, you will have two ways to bet;  two-way betting and three-way betting, (not to neglected asian handicapping as a popular way to bet on soccer).

Two-way soccer betting, you just have to pick between the two teams playing the game.

For example, you can place a two-way bet on any game from Champions League or English Premier League. If you bet on Manchester United FC vs Arsenal, your team just has to win, and you will win your bet.

Three-way betting in soccer adds ‘draw’ as an option to the existing two options. This means that you can now bet on a draw or tie. Expert soccer tipsters find this is particularly useful in matches between top teams, since each team will go for a draw in the first 60-70 minutes and then push for a result.

Usually, such games end up in a draw. By using three-way betting, you can easily bet on this possible result.

To explain another way, consider a line for Manchester United playing against Arsenal, where Manchester United is -140 while Arsenal is +105 on the line. The draw is +200.

If you want to win $100 with Manchester United, you will have to risk $140. Alternatively, you will only be risking $95 to win $100 on Arsenal. If you want to bet on draw, you will have to risk $50 to win $100.

The simple principle used among football tipsters, soccer handicappers and soccer bettors is that in soccer betting, take the higher risks when you are betting on a favorite. You take more risk than your expected profits in this case.

Alternatively, if you wager on underdogs or draw, your risk to lose money remains lower than your possible profits from wager.

We polled a few expert soccer handicappers from America, and football tipsters from Europe, to offer a few other tips to betting and investing in soccer. As the investing and betting philosophy is similar, there are some subtle differences in view points on betting strategy tips, and key indicators to watch when betting on football… 😉

Soccer Betting Tips

  1. Double Chance: Bet on a team not to lose
    1. A great type of bet is where your team doesn’t even have to win for you to make money. It’s called Double Chance, because you back two outcomes: a win and a draw. If you can identify a situation where one team is unlikely to lose, this kind of bet might be attractive to you. But keep in mind the odds will be lower than simply backing a team to win.
  2. Back teams that know how to score goals
    1. If you’re risking hard-earned cash on a bet, at least back a team you can count on to score. Try and avoid encounters between mediocre teams who sit in the middle of the league table. Often these matches are most unpredictable: a home win, away win and draw are all feasible results. Remember, sports investing is not all about the big win, but incremental wins over time to build the coffers.
  3. Look for unusual home and away form
    1. Playing on home turf is a big advantage in most football leagues.  Teams noticeably struggle in away games, and even top clubs can’t replicate their home form. Of course, the bookies know this as well as anyone, which is why the odds are shorter on a team playing in their own stadium. But there are exceptions to the rule, and these can be very profitable if you find them. Some teams won’t fit the pattern and will actually play better away from home. Remember bookies will continue to make their odds assuming these teams have a bigger home advantage than they actually do. That creates value betting opportunities, because the odds will be bigger than they should be in away games. Similarly, it is worth betting against these teams when they play at home, because the bookies are factoring in home advantage where there is none.
  4. Bet on the draw
    1. A lot of punters have a hard time predicting draws (even with the strong teams aiming for draws up until the 70th minute), so it’s not surprising the draw isn’t the most popular type of bet out there. So why bet on it? It pays well! Draws shouldn’t be the most frequent outcome you pick, but there are times when it makes sense to back them. Try and find a match where both teams will have a tough time working each other down, and may be happy with the draw.

Diversify your sports investing and start off with a small allocation of your bankroll to soccer. With following a few of the above tips, and applying the available soccer picks from expert handicappers and football tipsters with strong historical profitability, you’ll soon find that soccer betting is a natural fit to your sports investment portfolio.

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