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Do FOX Sports NFL picks win?

FOX NFL predictions are a popular topic among the NFL forums between fans and bettors. You’ll see discussions on Chris Chase NFL picks, or catch Andrew Lynch picks on Twitter, or tune into Dieter Kurtenbach and Brett Smiley picks on FOX Sports weeks NFL prediction coverage online at

Maybe the talking heads touch isn’t your thing and you follow FOX Sports computer generated NFL picks powered by Whatifsports.

Whatifsports powers FOX Sports NFL predictions using a football simulation to predict the outcome each week’s games, simulated 501 times to generate an average score and winning percentage. Hmmm…sounds interesting, but do computer generated NFL picks win more than other NFL pundits or NFL handicappers?

Let’s take a look at both FOX Sports NFL pundits picks and computer generated picks for the track record and profitability if you laid down your hard earned dollars. In this post you’ll see the NFL picks track record from FOX Sports for NFL pundits Chris Chase, Andrew Lynch, Dieter Kurtenbach, Brett Smiley, computer generated football picks from (powers FOX Sports picks), and FOX NFL writers John Halpin, Ryan Fowler, DJ Foster and Peter Schrader.

You’ll also discover how FOX NFL picks compare to other pundits as Yahoo NFL picks, ESPN picks, NFL Network picks and picks and over 120 of the top NFL pundits picks across the America.

The results may stun you!

The mass media coverage FOX media has the edge of reaching millions of NFL fans looking for the weekly picks and coverage of each game, NFL playoffs and Superbowl. You can imagine the reach these NFL pundits have with the audience, and the sheer influence it can have with recreational sports bettors that in-turn translate to the volume of dollars at the sports books. And this my friends will influence the sports book to adjust the odds and spread on games if they see a high volume of money going to one side, which can make or break a win for your weekend wagering.

But do FOX NFL picks win?

The answer depends if we’re talking straightup and money line picks, or against the spread picks. It also depends if your better off with taking picks from other NFL pundits or professional handicappers that give a higher confidence and edge to winning. Thus, the key questions we’ll answer in this post include:

  • What is FOX Sports prediction win rates?
  • Does one FOX NFL pundit win more than the other?
  • Do FOX Sports computer generated NFL picks powered by win more than their NFL pundits?
  •  Should I follow and wager on FOX NFL picks to get the winning edge and profit?
  • How does FOX Sports NFL picks compare and rank to others as Yahoo Sports, Bleacher Report, CBS Sports, Forbes, ESPN picks and the computer generated NFL predictions and professional NFL handicappers at
  • Is there other NFL networks or NFL pundits I should consider instead that may, or may not, give a higher probability of a win, and stronger confidence on the weekly picks?

So lets get into it. We outline below the track record of FOX Sports NFL picks for the season, including NFL playoffs and Superbowl. This covers FOX NFL pundits Chris Chase, Dieter Kartenbach, Andrew Lynch, Brett Smiley and Whatifsports NFL prediction track record (win rate and profit) and the most important, the rankings against the top industry NFL pundits and inside,

Any serious sports investor will tell you there is no guarantee win, no ‘locks’ that reduce 100% of risk to win and profit. Winning, thus profit, for betting on football (and any other sport), comes with incremental wins over time, and sound betting and bankroll management strategy. The cocktail mixture of these three are the key ingredients any sports investors who bets on NFL as a profession will tell you. And any edge to gain an edge on the confidence of the prediction outcome helps.

So should you follow and use FOX sports NFL predictions? Do FOX NFL picks win?

This year we put the the top 100 NFL pundits, analysts and their media networks (CBS Sports, FOX Sports, ESPN, Yahoo Sports, etc.) into the pressure cooker to track every pundits weekly NFL predictions.  We tracked the NFL prediction the results for each pundit and network (ex. FOX Sports) for win / loss rates, simulated profit based on a $100 wager, the network or team performance multiple pundits were part of a media network and the overall Leaderboard performance to see who ranks as #1, and who should technically find a new day job and win the golden plunger award.

Each week we post over 120 NFL pundits weekly picks here, in a one-stop-shop view and the combined consensus for NFL straightup predictions, and against the spread picks.

Why did we do this? Well, for a number of reasons, but one in particular we often get questions from sports bettors how our Intelligent NFL tips and NFL Expert handicapper picks performance versus the NFL network free picks from the “professional” pundits and talking heads.

So, here it is. Proof in the pudding, of NFL network picks for this season.

FOX Sports NFL Picks Track Record

The following are FOX NFL picks track record for the 2016/2017 NFL season, including playoffs and Superbowl picks. Profit is simulated on an average $100 wager and average odds per game.

  1. Chris Chase – NFL pundit
    • Straightup picks: 267 picks, 57% win rate, $2,532 profit
    • Against the spread: not available
  2. Dieter Kartenbach – NFL pundit
    • Straightup picks: 267 picks, 63% win rate, $5,206 profit
    • Against the spread: not available
  3. Andrew Lynch – NFL pundit
    • Straightup picks: 251 picks, 67% win rate, $6,997 profit
    • Against the spread: 264 picks, 53% win rate, $2,489 profit
  4. Brett Smiley – NFL pundit
    • Straightup picks: 267 picks, 63% win rate, $5,588 profit
    • Against the spread: not available
  5. Whatifsports – NFL computer generated 
    • Straightup picks: 267 picks, 63% win rate, $5,397 profit
    • Against the spread: not available
  6. John Halpin – FOX NFL sports writer
    • Straightup picks: 256 picks, 63% win rate, $5,351 profit
    • Against the spread: not available
  7. Ryan Fowler – FOX NFL sports writer
    • Straightup picks: 255 picks, 61% win rate, $4,305 profit
    • Against the spread: not available
  8. DJ Foster – FOX NFL sports writer
    • Straightup picks: 217 picks, 59% win rate, $2,948 profit
    • Against the spread: not available
  9. Peter Schrader – FOX NFL sports writer
    • Straightup picks: 256 picks, 58% win rate, $2,677 profit
    • Against the spread: not available

*Profit simulated on $100 wager on average odds for the game.

Is FOX Sports Network free picks the best winning NFL picks?

When we look at FOX NFL picks and pundit straightup picks for the season, the short answer is no. FOX NFL picks are not the best winning free picks. See who has the best NFL pundit free picks for the season, and the premium winning Intelligent Tips NFL track record.

But don’t write FOX NFL free picks off yet. While FOX NFL picks are not the best free NFL picks vs other NFL media analysts and pundits, they win rates are decent straight up, and Andrew Lynch NFL picks against the spread are profitable.

How do FOX NFL pundits rank vs. NFL pundit Leaderboard

NFL leaderboard ranking is based on simulated profit for the season on straightup picks and against these spread picks.

You’ll find below how the FOX pundits ranked against other top NFL pundits as NFL Network, CBS Sports, ESPN, SI, Bleacher Report, Forbes, AccuScore and many more. See the full NFL pundit Leaderboard track record for against the spread and straightup.

Leaderboard Ranking: FOX Straight Up Picks by profit:

  1. Rank #8: Andrew Lynch (top 10!!!) @ $6,997
  2. Rank #42: Brett Smiley @ $5,588 profit
  3. Rank #50: WhatifSports @ $5,397 profit
  4. Rank #57: John Halpin @ $5,351 profit
  5. Rank #59: Dieter Kartenbach @ $5,206 profit
  6. Rank #82: Ryan Fowler @ $4,305 profit
  7. Rank #84: Adam Meyer @ $4,214 profit
  8. Rank #98: DJ Foster @ $2,948 profit
  9. Rank #101: Peter Schrader @ $2,677 profit
  10. Rank #102: Chris Chase @ $2,532 profit
Stay ontop of all weekly FOX NFL picks and all other NFL pundits from Yahoo, CBS Sports, Forbes, USA Today and more. We bring together over 120 NFL pundits weekly picks into a one-stop-shop view here, and below NFL picks from our pool of industry professional NFL handicappers and our computer algorithm NFL betting system picks produced by the power of collective intelligence and data.

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