ESPN college football betting system

ESPN college football sports betting system, good or bad?

There is a tendency with high profile college football games that high-volume of public betting money will flow into the online sports books and influence the bookmakers to adjust their lines – obviously an insight Sharps sports bettors watch.

But this post is not about Sharps betting strategy on college football games, but instead the good and bad of using major media outlets as ESPN college football predictions in your college betting strategy, especially for those of you who use ESPN for college basketball picks against the spread.

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ESPN is a major brand in the college football media space, and as a surprise to some, a significant influence on public prediction and pick selections; both for fantasy leagues and at the online sportsbooks.

Most sports bettors and investors scour a few key sites and services to get their college picks before placing a bet, or for their college football fantasy. ESPN college football coverage is an obvious choice among North American bettors, but a few other key resources where the public and sports bettors will get their college football predictions includes:

  • Major sports media sites as ESPN sports picks
  • College sports handicapping services and sports investment services
  • Community sites and forums publishing free college football picks
  • Statistical and computer generated college football predictions
    • Ex. premium Intelligent Picks 
  • Public consensus football predictions
    • Available at, Covers, OddsShark
  • Other sports betting systems

College sports bettors typically have two options when betting on college football. They can bet on the high profile games, or go for the less sensationalized games. Its good keep this mind when doing your football picks research as much of the public will fall into the trap of turning immediately to major sports media sites as ESPN for NCAAF coverage, and

Don’t get me wrong, sites as ESPN sports offers incredible college football coverage. You get your fix on the college schedule, scores, rankings, odds, standing, football picks and predictions and the stories behind it. ESPN college football provides almost everything you need, even the expert analysis by the editors. But with this wealth of information you need to filter out the good from the bad as it can be damaging to your bankroll over the football season.

ESPN College Football Predictions Good or Bad?

Coverage of college football, and well most sports articles on ESPN, can be slanted to the coverage that is most topical or sensationalized. The biased coverage of ESPN sports is not an uncommon sentiment….heck, even Wikipedia has a dedicated page on the criticism on ESPN biased coverage and conflict of interest controversies with individual broadcasters and analysts. A quick search around some of the sports betting forums as TheRX and social platforms and the opinion are slanted both ways.

After all – editors produce content to grab the headlines and attracting the publics eyeballs, which drives the viewership and obviously ad dollars. ESPN college football coverage is a great example of this. But with this sensationalized football coverage, ESPN sports also provides a good detailed perspective or opinion on the lower radar teams.

The key takeaway here is the chain reaction this has with the online sportsbooks. ESPN sports is a powerhouse in creating and disseminating college football information, and a large portion of the public will get dramatically influenced from ESPN’s opinion. As a result, the public makes their college football predictions and picks based on this sensationalized content, and the online sportsbooks will adjust their lines accordingly as the high-volume of public money is placed on a particular football pick.

ESPN College Predictions – Football Betting System

ESPN college football coverage also includes the editors and analysts sports betting picks. These college picks by ESPN are available to subscribers for a fee within the ESPN Pick Center, which although is promoted for entertainment purposes only for your Fantasy college football league, there are others who will use it to determine their picks at the sportsbooks.

We label the ESPN PickCenter a college football betting system because like many sports bettors and those who claim to be the best sports handicapper in the market, all have their own betting systems and approach to coming up with their college predictions.

ESPN’s football picks from the editors and analysts will use a variety of research sources (ex. Covers,,  Predictem, OddsShark, etc.) along with their article research and weekly coverage, to indirectly persuade and influence the public with their college pick selections.

Like many college handicapper services, these editors and analysts attract the public into their college picks through the weekly editorial, but also through the seduction of free ncaa football subscriptions. Now remember, free sports picks are not always free (see the article for why), as this tactic to lure in the bettors seeking the freebies, also has an underlining monetization purpose behind it.

ESPN’s PickCenter does offer value to the bettor. Like IntelligentBettingTips sports betting system you get college game projections and analysis from a three difference sources, and the consensus picks that show which side the public is taking.

In addition the ESPN’s PickCenter offers lines and updated line movements for every game (similar to DonBest and OddShark), related stats on key injuries and the estimated ROI of each match up.

Similar to ESPN PickCenter service, Intelligent Betting Tips goes beyond the ROI (yeah – its  important), and provides detailed investment analysis for each handicapper and Intelligent Tip that includes units won/loss, ROI, yield, win rate, and what sports the expert handicappers and premium intelligent tips provide the most profit.

Remember, sports handicappers may be expert cappers in one sport, but can easily hook bettors to the next 9 to 12 months of services by covering other sports that aren’t their strong suite – thus eating into the profits and and long term performance.

There are two downsides to ESPN’s sports betting system that most public sports bettors don’t see.

  1. Sensationalized media influence public opinion
    • Their editorial game coverage is a lead in to buying ESPN’s football predictions. What’s concerning here is if the editors push the popular and sensationalize the match up to drive eyeballs….which in turn drives ad revenue, then the picks may be one-sided. And as we all know, the majority of the time the public is persuaded on the favorite or populate team, so does the money and lines (and where the Sharps swoop in).
  2. Consensus Picks
    • ESPN provides the public opinion sentiment on which team the public is rooting for. At we too offer one of the largest global consensus views on a variety of sports including college football. But how its intended to be used makes all the difference. Statistically speaking, history has shown an incredible difference in the edge for betting against the public opinion in a variety of sports – and some more than others.
    • Sports bettors and investors have made good profits by employing the betting strategy of betting against squares.
  3. Game Predictor
    • ESPN PicksCenter doesn’t provide much information around their game predictor other than its a form of computer modelling used to run simulations on the game. For all we know its the Xbox Madden, or some basic formula on their statistics, but either way its shown both positive and negative sentiment with those who’ve tracked its performance.
All in all, ESPN’s sports betting system hasn’t had the best reputation, but they sure bring the excitement, energy and passion for college football or our lives. Unfortunately most of its viewers and listeners let it get the better of them in their ncaa football predictions.
And who wouldn’t follow and fall for their advise and predictions – they sponsor over 6 college football bowls already. They must be doing something right…right?
Remember, ESPN is simply pure entertainment…and that’s what keeps us coming back for more. It’s the TMZ of sports. The coverage has been unparallel for years, and is a convincing story for most of the public to buy into their prediction system for those seeking the best college picks in their fantasy or online sportsbook weekly wager.
For the sports investor however, most use ESPN and use it simply as a data input among many statistical and other information inputs into their overall sports betting system.
When you dig into the coverage and data you can find golden nuggets of information that help give you insight where to dig deeper, which that may help influence your decisions, and an approach used by some of the best handicappers.
Have you used ESPN’s PickCenter betting system for your college picks? How did you fair? Win, lose, good or bad? Comment below to share with others.

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