NCAA college picks

Got your college picks? How to bet on college basketball

NCAA college picksNow that the NFL season has come and gone, all focus turns to NBA and college basketball. Known as one of the most adrenaline pumping sports to watch and wager on, college basketball kicks into high gear leading into March for the popular March Madness basketball tournament.

If you’re betting on the ncaa, making your college picks and for March Madness brings with it a lot of analysis on the college team match ups, history and the action vegas and the online sportsbooks post. If you’re betting ncaa this year, unless you’ve been following the teams and perform your own college handicapping methods to predicting the games, a good option to consider is selecting a reputable college basketball expert handicapper. Leave it to the college expert cappers to perform the data analysis and let their  track record speak for their performance.Now if you’re already accustom to basketball betting on the NBA picks, then you’re already set to play your college picks on the NCAA and the March Madness tournament.  Betting on college basketball is no different than betting on NBA, but for new sports bettors we’ll run through the basic betting 101 on wagering your college picks on college basketball. And before making your college pick, if you find difficultly in making bet best prediction for the march madness tournament, or any ncaa basketball pick, consider the three types of college picks available for the ncaab. You can bet on either 1) expert college handicapper picks, 2) ncaa consensus picks, 3) your own college pick, and 4) the intelligent ncaa picks, which is a combination of a pool of expert handicappers and the global consensus to produce an intelligent collective intelligence pick on the game.

Got your college picks? Now learn how to bet on college basketball

Betting on the ncaa college basketball offers three types of college basketball. Whether you’re using an expert college handicapper for your college picks, taking the college consensus picks or making your own college basketball predictions, however you choose you can play Vegas or the sportsbooks with the three popular types of college betting 1) ATS / Spread, 2) Moneyline, 3) Totals (over/under)

While the above are the most popular bet types for NBA and college basketball, other bet types include prop bets. We’ll get into college basketball prop betting shortly.

NCAA college basketball: ATS / Spread betting

The idea of betting the college spread or ATS (against the spread) involves picking a team to win with other factors involved. It’s not simply picking Western Kentucky over Mississippi Valley State. College ATS or betting on the spread involves knowing what the odds maker is doing to set X number of points that the favored team is favored to win by.

Before buying an expert pick from a college handicapper, or you’re own college pick on a March Madness game, you’ll want to check the odds with various online sportsbooks to see what spread is offered and most appealing. When betting on a college game spread, the college pick you make must win by the X number of points set by the sportsbook to win. Conversely if your college picks is betting on the underdog to win, then the underdog can lose the game by less than the spread amount.  To get more details on against the spread (ATS) or spread betting, read our sports betting 101 post on what are sports odds ad betting lines. We walk through specific examples, and how it applies if you’re betting on the spread with an NBA pick, college pick and even applied to NFL and college football picks.

NCAA Moneyline

Remember, a college expert handicapper when making their college picks will offer their prediction on either one of three popular betting types – ATS (spread), moneyline and totals. Whichever bet type the handicappers college pick is made, the sports bettor should know that when handicapping on college basketball the data and statistical analysis should of been performed by the expert handicapper. Watch the handicappers performance and track record to evaluate their college picks. Expert handicappers are typically strong in one or two sports, such as NFL and college football, but will extend their services to offer nba and college predictions. The capper may have a strong performance in football, but unprofitable in basketball. Any basketball or college sports bettor will watch for this in the expert handicappers performance over the ncaab season.

Now if your college handicapper makes a march madness pick to bet on the moneyline, then the capper is predicting which team he thinks will win the game, regardless of points. This is one of the most basic and common college bet types as its simply a matter of picking the winning team. However, before placing your bet on the basketball game, browse various sportsbook and vegas odds to shop the moneyline. You may find the money line on march madness games will vary, depending on the information the sportsbook knowns, and balancing the action between each team. Remember, the goal of a sportsbook is to balance the bets on both sides, while profiting on the juice or vig. As more action comes in on one college team, they’ll adjust the money line to make the other side more attractive. A professional basketball handicapper will look for this and shop around for the best lines and advise in their services.

College Totals, Over & Under 

In college basketball, as well as betting on the nba, placing a bet on your sports pick on totals, or over / under, is wagering on the total combined points between both teams. An online sportsbook or vegas oddsmaker will establish a game total or over under value that basketball bettors can choose, for the total points scored in a game, or the total number of points the team will go over, or under.  For example, in college basketball if the South Florida Bulls vs California Golden Bears were set at a sportsbook for a total points of 160.5, then a college bettor could bet the over, where they win if the total combined points is 161 points or more. Alternatively you could bet the under where you win if the total points is 160 of less (the under). When an expert handicapper in college or nba basketball makes  their prediction on the totals, see if you know what sportsbook they posted their college pick on the totals, over / under value made on their prediction.

Prop Betting on College Basketball

A popular growing bet type in ncaa betting is prop betting. The idea of a prop bet on a ncaa basketball game, is wagering on a college prediction that is not based on the final game outcome. Sportsbooks offer various college prop bets to choose from, such as halftime or quarter scores and totals, dunks or rebouds by a player, etc.  College prop betting makes the game far more interesting when placing action on college basketball. Other popular prop bets a sports bettor will find through almost any major sports, including NFL, college football, and more specifically on nba basketball and ncaab college basketball is placing a prediction or pick on a future outcome, known as futures. For example, a college handicapper might make a college prediction on who will win this seasons March Madness college basketball tournament, or the team to win the NBA Championship. Betting on these future props can offer major odds (Ex. 50:1) offering you a much larger payout than a typical game bet, but also comes at a much higher risk .

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