MLB key statistics for MLB handicapping

Betting Strategy: Arbitrage betting For beginners

Betting has always been a game of two sides, going to your local bookies and placing your hard earned cash down in the hope of it coming back with some profit attached, but there was always the chance your hard earned cash would end up in the bookies pocket.

Arbitrage Betting eliminates the possibility of losing money whilst betting. Quite simply an Arbitrage Bet or ‘Arb’ as they are commonly known is a guaranteed no lose bet, and this guide will show you how to find, and take advantage of these situations.

The recent explosion in internet gambling has made this all possible, with bookies websites seemingly springing up every week this has given us the chance to take advantage of this betting technique.

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3 Superbowl betting tips online sportsbooks don’t want you to know

Superbowl 48 just around the corner and recreational sports bettors and Sharps ready to make their final NFL picks and profits of for the football season, the online sportsbooks are ready to take in the tsunami of public money about to hit their books for the Super bowl.

Much of the public betting money is emotional dollars getting laid down on their favorite team for the big game – thus it’s emotional and irrational thinking that we’ve come to hate…but also come to manipulate sports betting for profit when the global consensus on Superbowl predictions are combined.

See the Superbowl predictions:

  • Intelligent tips Superbowl picks
  • Expert NFL handicapper Superbowl picks
  • Global public consensus Superbowl predictions


For those newbie bettors who read this, or a refresher to those avid sports investors and bettors running their football betting systems, finalizing their Superbowl pick, and shopping the online sportsbooks for the best Superbowl lines, I’ll cover a good refresher on 3 Superbowl betting tips that most online sportsbooks do not want you to know.

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NFL playoff betting system

4 NFL playoff betting tips you’ve probably missed

NFL playoffs is an interesting yet challenging time of season for everyone invested. The sports bettors, investor, sharps, online sportsbooks and expert NFL handicappers. It’s among the most challenging time the football season to predict games with the most confidence, and right so for a few reasons.

One obvious reason that I’ll get out of the way for the novice football bettor is that the poit spreads can be quite sharp. The online sportsbooks and oddsmakers have a select few games to analyze, and with the increased volume in action with more time to analyze and adjust lines, it makes it more of a challenge for the bettor.

In this post on NFL playoff betting strategies investors and expert bettors apply to making playoffs predictions. I’ll also cover why the playoffs differ than regular season, and why football handicappers and investors betting strategy approach to the NFL playoffs is quite different, as regular season betting strategies have shown to under-perform.
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CFB college football bowl predictions

Popular CFB betting strategy for NCAA bowl contests & games

Most seasoned CFB handicappers and sports data analysts will tell you college football bowl games is among one of the easiest times to profit on the sport.

Year after year the online sportsbooks pay special attention to key events as the NCAA bowl games, among too the NCAA final four and the NFL super bowl.

The experienced college football bettor or investor knows this, and have shown to pivot their betting strategies and their CFB bowl predictions on the bowl games as they’ve historically seen the performance run in the favour of the dogs.

Read between the lines and you’ll find NCAA bowl contests is niche market for sports investors and bettors to understand what and where the public money and opinion is flowing on the games ­— and then do the precise opposite.

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Anchorman College Football Predictions

5 most common mistakes betting college football totals

There are plenty of college football betting strategies to consider for your college picks, but as most sports bettors and gamblers sway from their betting strategy and betting systems, and end up consistently making a few simple and costly mistakes when betting football totals on college games.

As we’re not full swing into the midpoint of the college football season, we’ll cover 7 mistakes betting on college football totals.  Once you get familiar with these, have a look at this weeks college football picks and predictions covered by expert football handicappers, and the social sentiment opinion on this weeks college football games and the totals. Read more

Video: Why you and most sports bettors lose at sports betting…and how to correct it today

In this video you’ll learn why you and the majority of sports bettors end up losing at the online sportsbooks, and why sports investors and Sharps profit. You may have had a few winning streaks, but in the long run most sports bettors lose. We’ll show you why most lost, what you can do to correct it tomorrow, and much more in this 1 hour educational video. We’ll cover…

  1. Why you and 90% of sports bettors lose at sports betting
  2. How you can correct it
  3. Warning flags to watch out for
  4. How to turn a $1,000 bankroll into +$300,000
  5. 3 inside tips Sharps and major sports investors use to win
  6. Viewpoints on sports investing from billionaire Mark Cuban.

NFL tips for betting football for sports gamblers

5 top tips from expert football handicappers for betting NFL and college

In our monthly conference calls with our industry expert handicappers, tipsters and analysts, we asked them to share their top tips and wisdom for investing or betting the NFL and college football this season.

You can imagine this opened up a bit of debate, a lot of consensus, and a tone of great insider tips for newbie sports bettors to the seasoned sports investor and Sharps.

Remember, all expert handicappers and analysts go by their alias name below due to the privacy agreements we have with them. Why the privacy? All of our handicappers, tipsters and analysts have their own private syndicates, and/or services selling tips and picks.

As we offer a completely different high-value member model that allows sports bettors and investors to subscribe to ALL of the handicappers and analysts, and get ALL their sports prediction selections and coverage (not just a pay-per-pick that all of them offer), we’ve could only get them on-board to contribute to IBT’s sports betting system (see video) and prediction model if we retained their privacy. After all, for the price and value IBT offers, we’re dramatically under-cutting their competing sports prediction services.

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4 TIps I learned from betting on college basketball

Sharps use these 5 hidden MLB World Series betting strategies

Sharps use these 5 hidden MLB betting strategiesThe MLB World series is among the most popular time of year for baseball handicappers, bettors, investors, and the online sportsbooks.

It’s a common trend to see baseball bettors and investors pull our the big bankrolls during the final series than any time throughout the season. And of course, the recreational bettors and public money are drawn into betting on the World Series for the obvious hype the media propagate to the public and fans.

Its typical to see recreational bettors make the most common mistakes in betting baseball this time of season, and yet the Sharps experienced baseball bettors understand this added attention and media hype creates advantageous betting opportunities to take major profit off the table.

In this post we’ll introduce you to 5 hidden betting strategies Sharps, investors and experiences handicappers use to profit from betting on the MLB playoffs and World Series. Though before you read this post, consider the 3 tips for betting MLB playoffs, versus regular seasons. Read more

Video: Daniel Kahneman, Always Trust Your Numbers. Never Trust Your Gut

In this video by thought leader Daniel Kahneman, author of the best seller Thinking, Fast and Slow, touches on a subject close to home for us. Daniel talks about overcoming the cognitive biases and errors that can affect decision-making, and explains why people always overestimate their ability to predict the future. He puts his faith instead in…algorithms.

It resonates strongly with the proprietary sports prediction model we’ve built at, that employs part of Daniels perspective of the use of algorithms to provide a statistically higher confidence on predicting future outcomes.

See our video on how Daniel’s perspective on the use of algorithms and experts is employed in our sports prediction model (betting system) – watch video.

While we employ both groups of experts (professional handicappers and sports analysts), and the cognitive power of collective intelligence from the public consensus into our sports betting system, we also take these two key inputs into our prediction model, and apply our own computer algorithms, giving the sports investor or bettor the best of both to enhance the accuracy of predicting the future outcomes in sports.

Daniel describes why both can have its flaws (the human element); and statistically speaking the public opinion in many cases has shown an advantage to bet against their opinion for key reasons. And he goes on to explain why we can attain a higher confidence in predicting future outcomes from the use of algorithms.

The sports investing or betting system at employs all three, and benchmarks the performance not only against one another, but also in some algorithms rather than pit each one against the other, use them together to test, lean and optimize the performance accuracy.

3 tips to betting MLB playoffs

3 tips for betting MLB playoffs, versus regular season

3 tips to betting MLB playoffsIf you’ve invested or bet on MLB over the years on both the regular baseball season and playoffs, you’ve likely seen how the MLB playoffs are a much different beast than the regular season, and how an adjustment to your betting strategy and MLB playoff picks is required to adjust for the change in temperament.

1. Regular Season Track Record

Check the history and you’ll find the importance of how team health and their momentum have played well into the playoff series. For example, in the last decade, teams with the better record have had the advantage in the World Series.

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