CBS weekly NFL picks

CBS Sports Free NFL picks. Which NFL expert picks are the best?

CBS Sports free NFL picks generate another popular following among football fans and NFL bettors this season.

Between FOX NFL picks,  NFL Network picks and ESPN NFL free picks, CBS sports ranks among the top of NFL analysts from major media networks flooding the sports market with their free weekly NFL picks.

But why are they popular? Is it because they have among the best NFL win rates from their free NFL picks, or more simply do they have the biggest audience reach because of the major media network they’re employed by?

We put CBS sports to the test this NFL season and tracked each and every one of their CBS Sports NFL picks, and CBS NFL picks straightup from their experts.

Full weekly NFL predictions coverage and leaderboard here.

We covered CBS NFL pundits as Dave Richard picks, Josh Hill nfl picks, Jamey Eisenberg nfl predictions, Boomer Esiason and 15 of CBS Sports weekly NFL experts picks.

Below you’ll see CBS NFL picks track record on overall win rates, simulate profit and the NFL experts ranking among the top 100 NFL experts (pundits and analysts) in the market today. Read more

FOX nfl picks

Do FOX Sports NFL picks win?

FOX NFL predictions are a popular topic among the NFL forums between fans and bettors. You’ll see discussions on Chris Chase NFL picks, or catch Andrew Lynch picks on Twitter, or tune into Dieter Kurtenbach and Brett Smiley picks on FOX Sports weeks NFL prediction coverage online at

Maybe the talking heads touch isn’t your thing and you follow FOX Sports computer generated NFL picks powered by Whatifsports.

Whatifsports powers FOX Sports NFL predictions using a football simulation to predict the outcome each week’s games, simulated 501 times to generate an average score and winning percentage. Hmmm…sounds interesting, but do computer generated NFL picks win more than other NFL pundits or NFL handicappers?

Let’s take a look at both FOX Sports NFL pundits picks and computer generated picks for the track record and profitability if you laid down your hard earned dollars. In this post you’ll see the NFL picks track record from FOX Sports for NFL pundits Chris Chase, Andrew Lynch, Dieter Kurtenbach, Brett Smiley, computer generated football picks from (powers FOX Sports picks), and FOX NFL writers John Halpin, Ryan Fowler, DJ Foster and Peter Schrader.

You’ll also discover how FOX NFL picks compare to other pundits as Yahoo NFL picks, ESPN picks, NFL Network picks and picks and over 120 of the top NFL pundits picks across the America.

The results may stun you!

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What are the win rates for ESPN NFL picks & pick em ?

Each week publishes NFL picks from their braintrust of football pundits and analysts. ESPN’s pick em predictions are popular among NFL fans, and you’ll find greater analysis and opinions on ESPN’s NFL picks from their pool of football pundits as K.C. Joyner, Adam Caplan, Dan Graziano, Mike Golic, Kevin Seifert, Ron Jaworski, Merrill Hoge, and Mike Clay, as well as ESPN’s NFL pick em consensus from the fan base.

This raises a few questions for the sports fan and recreational sports bettor. What ESPN NFL expert has the best win accuracy, and should you follow the ESPN NFL pick em consensus predictions (from its fan base), or is it better to follow one or two expert pundits for ESPN weekly NFL picks?

Are you asking yourself the right question?

I might say if you’re only looking at ESPN and comparing the NFL pick em vs expert NFL picks, you’re taking a very micro view of what’s possible for the best weekly NFL picks. Have you considered to look at the macro view? Before you lay $1 on any NFL pick, ask yourself these 5 key questions: Read more

Teddy Covers

Teddy Covers: Three Things I’ve Learned From Covers (Ted Servansky)

Anyone who follows sports betting knows Ted Servansky, known in the sports betting world as Teddy Covers.

An ESPN (related: ESPN college football betting system) commentator and professional sports bettor, he doesn’t usually “ignite the flames” when one thinks of big time gamblers. What he does do, however, is provide insight into how the industry works and how new sports bettors interested in making the jump to professional betting, or even sports investing, can do so. Among this, he identifies clearly what type of sports bettor he is among the 10 types of sports bettors in the market to watch for. Read more

The Computer Group - How the computer group made millions betting on sports

How the Computer Group Made Millions in the Early 80’s on College Football, And Why That’ll Never Happen Again

Almost anyone who knows about the history of online sports betting knows about the Computer Group, perhaps the most successful computerized sports betting (see video) group in history, whose success led to the arrests of the entire group, including famed sports bettor Billy Walters, after investigations that the group was involved in an illegal bookmaking operation in 1985.

After the indictments of the members, the Computer Group split, and the level of success they reached was never to be repeated. But why? It’s a useful lesson to learn from their own history. Read more

staking in sports betting and gambling

Staking: Popular methods to improve your sports betting

Will staking improve your sports betting profits? In an analysis of 500 bets, five different techniques were tested. Only one produced a concrete result. Why?

We’ll get to the ‘why’ in a moment, but the point on staking has been hammered repeatedly over and over by serious sports investors, handicappers and the professional sports bettors – in the end you have to gauge your bets carefully. And yet there is a strong case to suggest that the amount you bet is actually more important than what you bet on. So in this post we’ll look at a few popular staking methods used by sports investors, and unveil which is the best.

Most Betting Techniques Will Eventually Fail

Sports betting, like any type of investing, is based upon gain versus potential loss. In soccer betting, this is doubly true, where there are so many opportunities available to completely lose your money and investment. When loss isn’t taken into account, virtually any betting system will fall apart. Professional Blackjack player Ed Thorp learned this sad lesson as casinos kept trying to beat his “method”, which he eventually explained was simply carefully betting against possibilities. Read more

winning mlb betting systems

Betting Tips: Sports betting an investment?

Making money betting on sports? Most sports bettors and gamblers seeking betting tips or picks think that sports betting is about finding a winning pick or sure thing. The reality is, and ask any betting expert, there is no such thing as ‘guarantees’ or ‘locks’. There are nothing more than marketing verbiage to lure in the novice sports bettor or those people seeking a winning prediction on the weekends game.

Just as in the stock market, real estate, foreign exchange (FX) currency markets, or any other speculative market, the guaranteed ‘sure thing’ just does not exist. As a professional sports investor, or as my friends might think ‘professional betting expert’, my goal in sports investing is to find and take advantage of numerous edges over the long run at the sports books. Among this, the most critical aspect to profiting and winning over the years I’ve found is the compound return sports investing can produce from finding the edge with the right betting tips. This YouTube video explains the power of compound returns in sports investing (29 min mark).

Read more

Video: Why you and most sports bettors lose at sports betting…and how to correct it today

In this video you’ll learn why you and the majority of sports bettors end up losing at the online sportsbooks, and why sports investors and Sharps profit. You may have had a few winning streaks, but in the long run most sports bettors lose. We’ll show you why most lost, what you can do to correct it tomorrow, and much more in this 1 hour educational video. We’ll cover…

  1. Why you and 90% of sports bettors lose at sports betting
  2. How you can correct it
  3. Warning flags to watch out for
  4. How to turn a $1,000 bankroll into +$300,000
  5. 3 inside tips Sharps and major sports investors use to win
  6. Viewpoints on sports investing from billionaire Mark Cuban.

Video: Daniel Kahneman, Always Trust Your Numbers. Never Trust Your Gut

In this video by thought leader Daniel Kahneman, author of the best seller Thinking, Fast and Slow, touches on a subject close to home for us. Daniel talks about overcoming the cognitive biases and errors that can affect decision-making, and explains why people always overestimate their ability to predict the future. He puts his faith instead in…algorithms.

It resonates strongly with the proprietary sports prediction model we’ve built at, that employs part of Daniels perspective of the use of algorithms to provide a statistically higher confidence on predicting future outcomes.

See our video on how Daniel’s perspective on the use of algorithms and experts is employed in our sports prediction model (betting system) – watch video.

While we employ both groups of experts (professional handicappers and sports analysts), and the cognitive power of collective intelligence from the public consensus into our sports betting system, we also take these two key inputs into our prediction model, and apply our own computer algorithms, giving the sports investor or bettor the best of both to enhance the accuracy of predicting the future outcomes in sports.

Daniel describes why both can have its flaws (the human element); and statistically speaking the public opinion in many cases has shown an advantage to bet against their opinion for key reasons. And he goes on to explain why we can attain a higher confidence in predicting future outcomes from the use of algorithms.

The sports investing or betting system at employs all three, and benchmarks the performance not only against one another, but also in some algorithms rather than pit each one against the other, use them together to test, lean and optimize the performance accuracy.

Fibonacci betting system

Soccer betting system Fibonacci strategy

Fibonacci betting systemIf you’ve ever applied a progressive betting system to your sports investing, you’ve probably discovered its not the most exciting form of soccer betting, but some punters claim they can make big profits.

We have a few members at who’ve applied a progressive betting systems to their betting strategy and done quite well, so its a good betting system or strategy to cover in this post an introduction to the Fibonacci betting system and investigate whether the average sports investor or bettor can achieve similar returns versus the investment risks. Read more