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How to Bet on the Super Bowl this season

This seasons NFL Super Bowl looks to be the biggest Super Bowl in terms of betting yet, with more money being bet on this year than any Super Bowl in history.

Looking past the storylines, looking past the numbers, looking past the major NFL pundits Super Bowl predictions, there are Superbowl strategies to use that will make all the difference between profiting from the big game or walking away a loser. Read more

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9 out of 10 NFL bettors make these 5 mistakes betting on NFL

Betting on NFL and college football is a common past-time for most sports fans who follow American football. Whether they’ve found a legal way to bet at an online sportsbook, Vegas or among friends and fantasy leagues, the thrill of making or purchasing your weekly NFL picks and throwing some hard-earned dollars or set bankroll can be equivalent of watching your lotto numbers come up on the screen.

In the longer term, only a small percentage of NFL bettors make a profit. Key point is long term. Sports investors (and sharps) on the other hand have shown much higher percentages of long term profits, and greater profits than that of the average stock market investor.

In this post, I’ll show you 5 common mistakes most NFL bettors make betting on NFL, and what you can do avoid these mistakes to join the ranks of the profitable football bettors each season.  Read more

CBS weekly NFL picks

CBS Sports Free NFL picks. Which NFL expert picks are the best?

CBS Sports free NFL picks generate another popular following among football fans and NFL bettors this season.

Between FOX NFL picks,  NFL Network picks and ESPN NFL free picks, CBS sports ranks among the top of NFL analysts from major media networks flooding the sports market with their free weekly NFL picks.

But why are they popular? Is it because they have among the best NFL win rates from their free NFL picks, or more simply do they have the biggest audience reach because of the major media network they’re employed by?

We put CBS sports to the test this NFL season and tracked each and every one of their CBS Sports NFL picks, and CBS NFL picks straightup from their experts.

Full weekly NFL predictions coverage and leaderboard here.

We covered CBS NFL pundits as Dave Richard picks, Josh Hill nfl picks, Jamey Eisenberg nfl predictions, Boomer Esiason and 15 of CBS Sports weekly NFL experts picks.

Below you’ll see CBS NFL picks track record on overall win rates, simulate profit and the NFL experts ranking among the top 100 NFL experts (pundits and analysts) in the market today. Read more

FOX nfl picks

Do FOX Sports NFL picks win?

FOX NFL predictions are a popular topic among the NFL forums between fans and bettors. You’ll see discussions on Chris Chase NFL picks, or catch Andrew Lynch picks on Twitter, or tune into Dieter Kurtenbach and Brett Smiley picks on FOX Sports weeks NFL prediction coverage online at

Maybe the talking heads touch isn’t your thing and you follow FOX Sports computer generated NFL picks powered by Whatifsports.

Whatifsports powers FOX Sports NFL predictions using a football simulation to predict the outcome each week’s games, simulated 501 times to generate an average score and winning percentage. Hmmm…sounds interesting, but do computer generated NFL picks win more than other NFL pundits or NFL handicappers?

Let’s take a look at both FOX Sports NFL pundits picks and computer generated picks for the track record and profitability if you laid down your hard earned dollars. In this post you’ll see the NFL picks track record from FOX Sports for NFL pundits Chris Chase, Andrew Lynch, Dieter Kurtenbach, Brett Smiley, computer generated football picks from (powers FOX Sports picks), and FOX NFL writers John Halpin, Ryan Fowler, DJ Foster and Peter Schrader.

You’ll also discover how FOX NFL picks compare to other pundits as Yahoo NFL picks, ESPN picks, NFL Network picks and picks and over 120 of the top NFL pundits picks across the America.

The results may stun you!

Read more

NFL network picks

How good are NFL network picks?

This year we put the NFL pundits, analysts and their media networks into the pressure cooker to track ever one of the talking heads weekly NFL picks, and the team performance of all pundits from their network or company. Yup, even the NFL network free picks, FOX NFL picks, ESPN NFL picks and all weekly NFL pundits picks from NFL network.

We tracked every weekly NFL prediction, the results (win or loss), simulated profit based on a $100 wager on the pick, and place their performance on our NFL pundit Leaderboard. See over 120 NFL pundits weekly picks into a one-stop-shop view here.

See below the NFL Network picks and each pundits picks track record (win rate and profit) and the most important, the rankings against the top industry NFL pundits and inside,

Read more


What are the win rates for ESPN NFL picks & pick em ?

Each week publishes NFL picks from their braintrust of football pundits and analysts. ESPN’s pick em predictions are popular among NFL fans, and you’ll find greater analysis and opinions on ESPN’s NFL picks from their pool of football pundits as K.C. Joyner, Adam Caplan, Dan Graziano, Mike Golic, Kevin Seifert, Ron Jaworski, Merrill Hoge, and Mike Clay, as well as ESPN’s NFL pick em consensus from the fan base.

This raises a few questions for the sports fan and recreational sports bettor. What ESPN NFL expert has the best win accuracy, and should you follow the ESPN NFL pick em consensus predictions (from its fan base), or is it better to follow one or two expert pundits for ESPN weekly NFL picks?

Are you asking yourself the right question?

I might say if you’re only looking at ESPN and comparing the NFL pick em vs expert NFL picks, you’re taking a very micro view of what’s possible for the best weekly NFL picks. Have you considered to look at the macro view? Before you lay $1 on any NFL pick, ask yourself these 5 key questions: Read more

NFL superbowl 50 predictions top NFL pundits

2016/17 NFL Pundits of the Year (and Superbowl Sunday predictions): Josh Hill of FanSided and Josh Katzowitz of Forbes

We are all guilty of buying into NFL pundits and talking heads NFL Sunday predictions that we caught on CBS Sports, FOX Sports, read online at Forbes, LA Times, Yahoo Sports, Twitter or dozens and dozens of other leading NFL media networks.

Sometimes those NFL pick win, and other times they don’t. But this raises the question who should you follow and believe? What NFL pundit or talking head is earning their pay check, and what ones should maybe fine a new day job and one the #GoldenPlungerAward?

This NFL season we pressure tested the NFL pundits predictions and tracked over 27,000 straight up NFL picks and over 12,000 against the spread picks of these professional sports pundits. In this post we cover not only the top NFL pundits and analysts (aka talking heads) for the football season, but also cover the top ranked pundits Superbowl predictions.

Superbowl 51 predictions

No patience? Take me to the top NFL pundits Superbowl predictions (straight up and against the spread)

Superbowl Straight Up Consensus (details below)

NFL superbowl 50 predictions NFL pundit consensus

Superbowl Against the Spread Consensus (details below)

NFL superbowl against the spread predictions NFL pundit consensus

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nfl media pundit picks

Superbowl 51 insight: The best (and worst) NFL pundits picks on Patriots and Falcons this season

Super Bowl LI will kick off soon and countless NFL fans and bettors will be talking shop and running their NFL systems to get their picks. But most NFL fans will be tuning into the major media networks and Twitter feeds to catch NFL’s mainstream NFL pundits and analysts to get their Super Bowl prediction for this Sunday.

So who will you take for your Super Bowl pick? CBS Sports vs FOX Sports, Forbes vs. USA Today, NFL Network vs. FiveThirtyEight?

NFL pundits Superbowl picks and predictions

Here’s a tip. If you plan to take the talking heads picks for Super bowl, you might as well be equipped with the data to back up the NFL pundits selections. So here’s some insight on the top 100 NFL pundit and analysts sports pick performance for the 2016 season with a hyper-focused lens on these pundits football picks placed on all New England Patriot games, and all Atlanta Falcons games. Read more

NFL spread betting: 5 key tips for betting on the point spread

Sports bettors who wager on the NFL, or purchase NFL picks find the point spread levels the playing field by making the rules a little more attractive on both sides; the favourite or the underdog.

What is NFL spread betting?

To sum up simply, what is NFL spread betting, it’s either betting on the favourite to win by the points listed, or betting on the underdog team who has a buffer to lose the game by the margin of points listed, or simply win outright.

Surprising to most who do NFL spread betting, it’s often found that statistically betting on the spread with the underdog gives the winning edge to the bettor over time. Keep in mind this is not always the case and you should run your statistically analysis across XYZ metrics, but overall comparing NFL spread betting on the underdog has shown more statistically sound results. Read more

Bad sports gambling beats

3 destructive football betting syndromes no Sharp or Tipster can tolerate

As we get into the final weeks of the NFL season, it’s a good idea to take a brief moment to remember where stupid money flows and bet against it.

Remember there are a lot of ways to screw up at sports betting. The three destructive areas I’ll cover momentarily, are basically the worst– the sort of mentalities that lead even a novice Sharp or handicapper to run from a football game mumbling to himself about fate of all humanity.

No, this is not a reference to Homer Simpson– he actually had a Sharp in his corner during the classic episode Lisa the Greek— but the constant desire for one’s home team to win.

This becomes less pronounced during the Super Bowl (unless, of course, there’s a home team playing in the crowd) but it is the worst kind of way to bet– and unfortunately, it’s also the most common. Wishing for your team to win the Super Bowl or #NFLSunday, and knowing your team’s real probability of winning are two very different things, and unfortunately the passion that the game incites inspires stupid betting.

Bettors bet with their heads. Gamblers bet with their hearts. So the biggest red flag is to hear the words “you’re from City X– how can you bet against them?” You can take instant comfort in the fact that you are talking to a person that has no clue what they are doing. Read more