Haralabos (Bob) Voulgaris

Bob Voulgaris: How basketball bettor Bob Voulgaris still wins using data-driven, predictive sports betting systems

Among the most famous sports gamblers in basketball betting today is Bob Voulgaris who is largely known for his early, spectacular rise and subsequent fall. But unlike many sports bettors who fell victim to a losing streak, Voulgaris returned to the limelight by changing when everyone else stayed the same.

Voulgaris is better known as a top sports investor in the sports betting industry, as he stands in a class of his own among the recreational sports gamblers and bettors. Yet while Voulgaris has had an extraordinary life, there are useful sports betting strategies that can help sports bettors everywhere stay on top of their investments. While Voulgaris is quite tight-lipped about his current actual strategies, quick studies can pick up on a number of instructive guidelines that can help improve their own chances at winning.

Bob Voulgaris Learned Early About How Sports Betting Works

One thing to remember about Bob Voulgaris is that he was the son of a fairly unsuccessful sports bettor. This gave him insight into both how Vegas worked and how not to bet. One major lesson learned is that the House is always stacked against you, something novice bettors don’t take into account, and is always adapting to change.

Voulgaris spent many days of his youth in the Caesar’s Sportsbook (being underage, he couldn’t follow his father in the casino) and from there was able to watch the patterns of people betting for long periods at a time.

Between this and watching a lot of basketball, Voulgaris gained insight into the key mistakes bettors– and eventually bookies– were making. This gave Voulgaris a massive advantage by exploiting an edge he kept to himself for years, and was ultimately one that would make him millions of dollars.

Paying Attention to the Data That Others Don’t

One of the things Voulgaris learned early on is that not every “expert” is actually an expert. Voulgaris used the experience of knowing how careless bettors could be to his advantage. Among other data that he collected to enhance his edge, his original system exploited a hole in how the bookies themselves actually calculated what they assumed would be point totals.

Voulgaris, not only a bettor but a fan of the game, noticed something obvious the bookies hadn’t noticed for years: as basketball games that were close almost invariably meant that the final minutes of the fourth quarter would usually be higher energy and littered with points, the bookies were calculating on totals– and simply dividing the number in half. This meant that betting under at halftime would almost always be a successful strategy.

Of course, years later, when the flaw was discovered and the bookmakers took the quarters into account individually, Voulgaris had lost his edge.

When Things Go South, It’s Time to Upgrade the System

Once the edge had been lost, Voulgaris could have given up. Instead, he rode the wave to take sports betting to the next level. Realizing that there was still a predictive edge that could be gained with the use of technology similar to what members receive at IntelligentBettingTips.com, Voulgaris began to automate his calculations based on raw data for every single NBA game, something that gave him a brand-new advantage against the much smarter House.

While he predicts this obviously can’t go on forever (eventually the House will find a way to extrapolate such data if it is producing a large ROI, and then incorporate it into their own wagers), what is certain is that unlike many bettors who rose and fall, Bob Voulgaris knows that there will always be a way to beat the House built on the modifications before them.

When betting starts to fail, it’s time to adapt your strategy.

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