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Betting Tips: Sports betting an investment?

Making money betting on sports? Most sports bettors and gamblers seeking betting tips or picks think that sports betting is about finding a winning pick or sure thing. The reality is, and ask any betting expert, there is no such thing as ‘guarantees’ or ‘locks’. There are nothing more than marketing verbiage to lure in the novice sports bettor or those people seeking a winning prediction on the weekends game.

Just as in the stock market, real estate, foreign exchange (FX) currency markets, or any other speculative market, the guaranteed ‘sure thing’ just does not exist. As a professional sports investor, or as my friends might think ‘professional betting expert’, my goal in sports investing is to find and take advantage of numerous edges over the long run at the sports books. Among this, the most critical aspect to profiting and winning over the years I’ve found is the compound return sports investing can produce from finding the edge with the right betting tips. This YouTube video explains the power of compound returns in sports investing (29 min mark).

Lets take a simply example. If you were to win 55% of your betting tips, would this be something to brag about? Absolutely! Taking a conservative bet size, with a win rate of 55%, you can grow your bankroll very quickly. I’ll explain below.

Alternatively, if you were to invest $10K into the stock market, or RRSP or 401K over a year, and presumably you earn a 10% return, most investment advisors or planners would tell you you’re doing great. But funny thing, its unlikely you’ll maintain this over the years. I know I’ve not met anyone who has, and I have a number of friends who’ve day trade and even investment advisors.

While I do have some money in the equity markets, primarily for diversification, I have spent over a decade averaging just shy of 60% return each year on NFL picks, NBA, college basketball and football and even European football tips. My average return also takes into account the 10% vig. the sports books will ding you.

Lets run this example. If you had invested $10,000 in the expert sports tips our betting system has produced that I played, and each year since 1999, you would have seen an average profit of +$6,000 per year. And now if you had invested $10,000 in my betting tips since 1999, and had let your winnings compound weekly without removing any profits, you would have turned that $10,000 into $657,130 in 14 years. I’m not saying I took home the $657,130, but I did bankroll well over half over the years through prudent bankroll management, and a sound betting strategy to ride the wins and loses.

If you compare the numbers, you can see my betting tips have yielded a much higher risk adjusted return than the stock markets 10%. There will be an obvious variance from season to season, but as anyone who had a significant amount invested in stocks or real estate or the USD greenback in 2008 over the years, you can tell you, such swings aren’t limited to sports.

In the long run, my winning betting tips edge in what I do is far greater than the edge that you could hope to gain in any other speculative market. See past performance just over the last season for further explanation.

Power of Compound Return in Sports Betting

Some equity investors choose to start each year by investing a fixed percentage of their overall holdings (maybe $10,000, or 5% of their liquid assets) and take a profit every year. This conservative approach has yielded incredible results.

In the last decade, I have had an average return of 60% of your starting bankroll based on my approach of applying a 1.0% to 2.0% of the initial bankroll per point rating on my Expert betting tips. My best year was +341%, and my worst year was -87%. But if you  invest with caution year after year without being intimidated by short term variance, then you will eventually see the long term winning performance and returns.

What I found was advantageous to my approach to my betting tip selections versus the average sports bettor, was that since my investments have a long-term upward trend, myself and our investor members at earn a compounding return on their money. The swings get larger as the bankroll grows, but the trend is always upward.

An investor who invested $10,000 in expert betting tips and picks over the years, and pursued an optimal growth strategy would have seen their sports investment portfolio value grow to $657,130 by the end of the 2012-2013 seasons.

So I ask you again, are you making money on sports and your expert betting tips? Do you look for that winning free pick or guaranteed lock? The reality is that if you do, there is no better time than the present to change your perspective on sports betting to begin thinking like a sports investor, and follow a sound strategy to find the edge and value in your betting tips, and understand the power of the compound effect in sports betting.

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