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How to Bet on the Super Bowl this season

This seasons NFL Super Bowl looks to be the biggest Super Bowl in terms of betting yet, with more money being bet on this year than any Super Bowl in history.

Looking past the storylines, looking past the numbers, looking past the major NFL pundits Super Bowl predictions, there are Superbowl strategies to use that will make all the difference between profiting from the big game or walking away a loser.

#1 Bankroll management
Even when betting on your Superbowl predictions it’s important to remember not to overspend, or you can easily come out at a loss. Depending on the size of your wallet here, a money line strategy on a highly expected win may or may not be profitable. For example, the 2017 NFL Superbowl had lines up to a -200 on the Panthers, so the question has is whether or not betting up to $200 to make $100 is a smart bet? If your bankroll is such that the money line would make up a lot of your current available spending, it’s smart to look for other bets, such as a straight wager or taking the edge from playing the best betting strategies playing Squares at your Superbowl party.

#2 Betting on the spread
By far when looking for bargains in what seems to be a favored game on one side, it’s smarter to bet on the spread, because this is where you’ll see the most variance from the NFL totals.

Betting on just one side to win may be a sure thing, which is why it will effectively cost you money to make any. But betting on the spread can lead to greater profits overall. Assuming the spread is +6 (which is common but can change all the way up to game day) you are either betting to beat the spread (meaning the winner comes out ahead by at least six points to break even or win) or you are betting conservatively by betting against the spread (meaning you can win even if you lose on what would be the money line).  This technique reduces against losses, but in case of a blowout in favor of the spread, you lose. The question you have to ask is whether or not you can beat the blowout?

#3 Over/Under betting
This is actually a pretty smart way to bet on the NFL Superbowl if you are familiar with the teams’ relative performance over the NFL season. The over/under is simply a number which assumes the total number of points in a game. To find what over / under predictions, simply subtract the bookmaker’s spread from the over/under, round up by a half point, and divide by two. With an over/under of 46.5, for example, a +6 means that the winning team is expected to win by about 27-20. Total the score together and simply bet above (over0 or below (under) that number.

#4 Prop bets
Certain types of NFL prop bets (for example, who will score a touchdown, will the halftime singer bomb, etc.) can be better than other Superbowl bets that are basically random, such as the coin flip at the start of the game. Depending on which ones you bet on (who will score a touchdown is an educated guess, as only a few members of the offensive line in general even touch the ball) you can make some tidy wins if you are fairly careful. Of course, prop bets are all about high risk (ex. now historical data to inform your decisions), so keep it in mind when looking at the next “sure thing”.