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How to Bet on the Super Bowl this season

This seasons NFL Super Bowl looks to be the biggest Super Bowl in terms of betting yet, with more money being bet on this year than any Super Bowl in history. Looking past the storylines, looking past the numbers, looking past the major NFL pundits Super Bowl predictions, there are Superbowl strategies to use that […]

9 out of 10 NFL bettors make these 5 mistakes betting on NFL

Betting on NFL and college football is a common past-time for most sports fans who follow American football. Whether they’ve found a legal way to bet at an online sportsbook, Vegas or among friends and fantasy leagues, the thrill of making or purchasing your weekly NFL picks and throwing some hard-earned dollars or set bankroll can […]

CBS Sports Free NFL picks. Which NFL expert picks are the best?

CBS Sports free NFL picks generate another popular following among football fans and NFL bettors this season. Between FOX NFL picks,  NFL Network picks and ESPN NFL free picks, CBS sports ranks among the top of NFL analysts from major media networks flooding the sports market with their free weekly NFL picks. But why are they […]

Do FOX Sports NFL picks win?

FOX NFL predictions are a popular topic among the NFL forums between fans and bettors. You’ll see discussions on Chris Chase NFL picks, or catch Andrew Lynch picks on Twitter, or tune into Dieter Kurtenbach and Brett Smiley picks on FOX Sports weeks NFL prediction coverage online at FOXSports.com. Maybe the talking heads touch isn’t your thing and you […]

Top 5 regrets of a retired NFL sharp

It’s safe to say that only the most famous sharps get interviewed long enough to talk about their wins and victories, so it’s rare to see one talk about regrets in sports investing. Stuck in an airport on my way to an industry conference, I hit the lounge to kill some time and ran into one […]

How good are NFL network picks?

This year we put the NFL pundits, analysts and their media networks into the pressure cooker to track ever one of the talking heads weekly NFL picks, and the team performance of all pundits from their network or company. Yup, even the NFL network free picks, FOX NFL picks, ESPN NFL picks and all weekly NFL […]

What are the win rates for ESPN NFL picks & pick em ?

Each week ESPN.com publishes NFL picks from their braintrust of football pundits and analysts. ESPN’s pick em predictions are popular among NFL fans, and you’ll find greater analysis and opinions on ESPN’s NFL picks from their pool of football pundits as K.C. Joyner, Adam Caplan, Dan Graziano, Mike Golic, Kevin Seifert, Ron Jaworski, Merrill Hoge, and Mike Clay, as […]

2016/17 NFL Pundits of the Year (and Superbowl Sunday predictions): Josh Hill of FanSided and Josh Katzowitz of Forbes

We are all guilty of buying into NFL pundits and talking heads NFL Sunday predictions that we caught on CBS Sports, FOX Sports, read online at Forbes, LA Times, Yahoo Sports, Twitter or dozens and dozens of other leading NFL media networks. Sometimes those NFL pick win, and other times they don’t. But this raises the […]

Superbowl 51 insight: The best (and worst) NFL pundits picks on Patriots and Falcons this season

Super Bowl LI will kick off soon and countless NFL fans and bettors will be talking shop and running their NFL systems to get their picks. But most NFL fans will be tuning into the major media networks and Twitter feeds to catch NFL’s mainstream NFL pundits and analysts to get their Super Bowl prediction for this Sunday. So who will you […]