Asian handicapping

If you’ve bet on sports as NFL, NBA, MLB and other sporting events, you’re already accustom to the traditional and popular handicapping betting types as point spreads (ATS), money line and totals (over/under). And if you’re new to handicapping, well….handicapping is simply a way of making sporting events more event, thus making it a more exciting and interesting to place bet on by giving one of the teams, such as the underdog, a few more points or goals to lead. But if your familiar with betting on soccer, or better known as football (futbol), then you’re likely familiar with asian handicapping.  European football is one of the most popular sports to asian handicap.

Now asian handicaps, which has grown in popularity over the last few years in North America,  is one of the more recent handicapping methods to place on a sports contest…primarily football (futbol), or better off known as soccer in North America.

Placing an asian handicap is performed so that each of the teams have a solid equal chance at winning….well in theory that is.  In asian handicapping betting the tie or push is taken out of the contest, resulting in a more competitive market for punters or bettors wagering on the event.

With an asian handicap, instead of predicting between which team will win or a draw, especially in a soccer bet using your experts soccer picks and predictions, you instead bet on which team you feel is the best bet on the asian handicap the team has been given, or that they receive. Therefore an asian handicap is defined by the goal(s), or partial start of a goal or negative. Lets explain by first walking through the different types of asian handicaps.

Types of Asian Handicaps

Most recreational sports bettors and punters at first find asian handicapping complex. But to the seasoned sports bettors, once they get the hang of an asian handicap, its as second nature as ATS, moneyline and totals. The reason asian handicaps appear complex to the average sports punter is because of the multiple was in which an asian handicap is expressed.

A.  0.5 Asian Handicap

Example: .95 Manchester United (-0.5) versus Arsenal (0.5) 1.95. The 1.95 is the odds offered at the sportsbook. The figure in brackets is the handicap. I In this example it reads that Arsenal gets a half a goal lead (0.5) at the blow of the whistler.

Now if you wagered on Manchester United, who basically begin the game half a goal down, then Manchester United must win their match against Arsenal for the punter to win their wager. Then again if your football bet was on Arsenal, then you win the bet if Arsenal wins the match or draws.

B. 0 Asian Handicap

The 0 asian handicap is found when the odds of both teams are evenly matched thus both have a 50/50 chance at winning the game. In this case lets say the football punter bought a football tipsters tip on the fixture with this asian handicap, the what the punter is essentially doing is betting without a tie or draw being an option to win the bet.  So the sports bettor would win if your team wins.  But in this case if its a draw or tie game, then the bankroll you wagered is returned.

C. The 1 Asian Handicap

So follow the same pattern with the asian handicap, and if you take the -1 asian handicap, then your team must win the football game (assuming your betting on soccer / futbol) by at least 2 goals. By the unfortunate chance the soccer team you bet on only wins by one goal, then the bankroll you wagered is refunded back you or your sportsbook account if your betting at an online sportsbook.

Now if we assume you took the other side of the bet and wagered on the team who has a one goal lead, then you’ll win your sports bet if the team wins the game or draws. But if the team loses by even one goal, then the bankroll you wagered should be returned.

An asian handicap of 1 is typically a good bet if you like to take the underdog because with this type of handicap, if you get your pick wrong, and the team can limit their loss to just one goal, then you still don’t lose.

D. 1.5 Asian Handicap

The asian handicap of 1.5 means that if you wager on the handicapped team of -1.5,  you’ll win your bet if your team wins the game by two or more goals. However if you choose the team that is awarded the +1.5, then if your team wins the match or draws, you win your wager. You’ll also win your sports bet if you lose by one goal.

E. Double Asian Handicap Explained

Kinda like black jack, you can split a double asian handicap, which is basically betting the wager is split in two. Lets walk through a double asian handicap example. Lets say Manchester Unit (-½,-1) vs. Liverpool (+½,+1). In this example you’ll see half the stake money (your bet) is placed on Liverpool minus half a goal. The other half is put on Man U minus 1 goal. The result of the bet is determined by the same methods as outlined above.

You’ll find quite often the double asian handicaps are described as decimals. The figure being the mid point between the two handicaps. In our example, you could potentially see -0.75 Man U. versus Liverpool +0.75

F. Double Handicap 0, 0.5

Now you can see why many sports bettors who first get introduced to asian handicaps can find it quite complex. But the more you play asian handicaps, the more you’ll quickly understand the betting lines. The doubel handicap is also commonly  known as the level half Asian handicap. In this example, if could be referenced as -0.25 (0,-0.5) and +0.25 (0,0.5).

In this example of the double asian handicap, if you bet on the team that is 0, -0.5 on the handicap then you win if the team wins by one goal or more. If your team draws you lose 50 per cent of your stake. The other half of the wager or stake is returned. Returning of the stake when your bet or part of your bet equals the handicap is also known as a push.

If you select the opposition 0, +0.5 then you win if the team wins the match. If it draws, half your stake is returned and half is a winner at the odds taken.

G. The Double Asian Handicap 0.5, 1

If you select the (-0.5, -1) handicapped team, also could be referred to as -0.75 then you win if the team wins the match by two or more goals. If it wins by one goal, half your stake is returned and half is a winner at the odds taken.

If you select the opposition (+0.5, +1) team, could also be known as +0.75 then you win if the team wins or draws the match. If it loses by one goal, you lose 50 per cent of the amount staked.

H. Bookmakers Odds For Asian Handicap Bets

In asian handicaps without a draw option, sport books bookmakers vary in the odds set and the advantage that they take in terms of the over-round. But generally, the amount of profit that bookmaker take on these bets is lower than what they would take on a full time or 90 minutes match bet which includes the draw.

Bookmakers will typically pay out on Asian Handicap bets between 90% and 100% of what they take, normally towards the top end of this., making very low percentage profits on the bets.

This is one reason why Asian Handicap bets can be great value bets.

I. In-Running Asian Handicaps

As well as offering odds on the 90 minute result with the draw, many bookmakers also offer the Asian Handicap in-running market. Bets on the Asian Handicap market in running are settled according to the scoreline for the remainder of the game after the bet has been struck. Any goals prior to the bet being placed are ignored for settlement purposes.


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