nfl betting mistakes

9 out of 10 NFL bettors make these mistakes

nfl betting mistakesBetting on NFL and college football is a common past-time of most sports fans who follow football. Whether they’ve found a legal way to bet at an online sportsbook, Vegas or among friends and fantasy leagues, the thrill of making or purchasing your weekly NFL picks and throwing some of your hard earned dollars or part of your bankroll can be equivalent of watching your lotto numbers come up on the screen.

In the longer term, only a small percentage of NFL bettors make a profit. Key point is long term. Sports investors (and sharps) on the other hand have shown much higher percentages of long term profits, and greater profits than that of the average stock market investor.

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Even on a seasonal basis the best NFL handicapper can make good profits over their career. Why is that? A combination of prudent bankroll management, betting or investing experience, and the right betting strategy play a major role…and of course timing is everything.

But that’s not what this post is about. I’m here to edumukate you on the most common mistakes in nfl betting that expert handicappers, book makers and online sportsbooks see every week.

1. Betting Blind

It’s rather an obvious one, but don’t bet on something you don’t understand. This goes without saying for betting on a specific NFL game where you don’t have any insight or edge, as well as applying a betting strategy you don’t understand.

To combat this, it goes without saying is to do your homework. Run your statistical analysis on the football match up, check injury reports, players, historical performance and the other common NFL betting statistics.

Shop around at the sports books. Who’s offering the better odds, and who’s moving their lines – all indicators of where the money is flowing and where the edge lies.

And if you don’t have the time to do your homework, then just as many stock market investors do who buy into an investment information service to get the insights and where to invest their money, so can you with a sports investment service or top performing NFL handicapper (check our NFL handicappers results this season).

But if you are a man of sound judgment with time, pore over the sports journals and develop your own nfl betting system (and why 90% of betting systems don’t work) using statistical analysis to become more acquainted before making your NFL pick.

2. Quick Money

Never take NFL betting and especially sports investing as a “get rich” scheme. It’s natural for you to yearn for winnings and long run success. However, sports betting is not that simple. It takes time to become an experienced punter, who is able of predicting the outcome of the game and consequently win a bet.

Bettors who are interested firstly in becoming rich get discouraged very soon. They don’t have the needed patience in order to overcome all the learnings and difficulties on their way to long term profit. Remember – a good punter and investor is a patient punter.

3. Attracted to Exotics

Don’t get tempted to bet on teasers, parlays, props and other exotic stuff the online sportsbooks offer, because the chances of hitting the these in most cases is statistically too small. There are other NFL betting strategies you should consider before stepping up to the exotics.

Perhaps you are lured by the odds which promise to pay you out 10-to-1 if you manage to hit the 4-teamer, but such miraculous winnings are exceptionally rare.

Instead of betting on four teams at once, you wager on these teams separately. So if the three or at least two bets turn out to be successful, you’ll walk away as a winner.

These exotic football bets are very tricky and sometimes it seems like the sportsbooks bookies made them out intentionally to get more profit. Again – you’re just increasing the odds against you with exotic betting. Start simple, and bet simple to start.

5. Bet on Your Favourite

As tempting as it is to bet on your favorite team, statistically history has shown the odds are against you. Just read the posts on 2 tips Sharp NFL bettors don’t want you to know and the Handicapper strategy, betting against ‘squares’s.

While this is a common mistake to bet on your favorite NFL team, this point is a heated debate among football bettors and sports bettors in general.

However, most of the professional bettors and punters understand the logic behind this, and the strategies Sharps use to against the public opinion and money flow with the books to win and profit.

Certainly it takes away some fun of the betting process, but are you here to win bragging rights on your win, or to make some serious money?

Sports investors, Sharps and the smart punters know that profiting in sports betting is all about statistics, calculation and information. Be unbiased and responsible when it comes to placing your NFL prediction on the next game. And while it may seem a challenge to handle the emotions in case of your favorite team,  draw a line between your intention with your NFL picks and bets for the game…is it for entertainment and amusement, or strictly business.

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