NFL tips for betting football for sports gamblers

5 top tips from expert football handicappers for betting NFL and college

In our monthly conference calls with our industry expert handicappers, tipsters and analysts, we asked them to share their top tips and wisdom for investing or betting the NFL and college football this season.

You can imagine this opened up a bit of debate, a lot of consensus, and a tone of great insider tips for newbie sports bettors to the seasoned sports investor and Sharps.

Remember, all expert handicappers and analysts go by their alias name below due to the privacy agreements we have with them. Why the privacy? All of our handicappers, tipsters and analysts have their own private syndicates, and/or services selling tips and picks.

As we offer a completely different high-value member model that allows sports bettors and investors to subscribe to ALL of the handicappers and analysts, and get ALL their sports prediction selections and coverage (not just a pay-per-pick that all of them offer), we’ve could only get them on-board to contribute to IBT’s sports betting system (see video) and prediction model if we retained their privacy. After all, for the price and value IBT offers, we’re dramatically under-cutting their competing sports prediction services.

But I can guarantee you, the expert pool of handicappers and analysts are among many whom you’re well familiar with and among the most respected names in the market.

“Don’t eat up the preseason hype. Teams performance is rarely as good – or as bad – as they looked at the start of regular season. I see a lot of inexperienced football bettors and gamblers pull the trigger to quickly to lay their money down based on preseason performance. But Sharps and investors get it and profit on the gamblers mistakes. A general rule of thumb I follow is to leave the four weeks of preseason action behind you.”

“Over-eating. What I’m talking about is consuming as much data and information as possible from week to week, which is critical in being a situational handicappers. Knowing a teams schedule, their past few weeks performance, starting players, tracking line movements is a major motivational attribute in being a situational handicapper. It helps me get a temperament for the situation that each team finds itself in coming into any particular match up.”

“Observe and learn from a team’s previous game performance, but don’t let it drive your emotions for the following weeks picks. In other words, don’t overreact. The major of sports bettors, which are recreational bettors, can be far to sensitive and place to much emphasis on what recently happened the week before. Sharps get this and take advantage when they see the media jump the bandwagon, influence the public opinion, resulting in the online sportsbooks to adjust their lines. Watch out – cause this is the blood that attracts the Sharps.”

“A recommendation for wagering early in the season is to not read to much into the preseason. Sure, they’re exhibition games that may have a completely different personality to the actual team and their performance. It’s important to remember that different coaches take different approaches to the preseason. Some coaches play to win. Others play to evaluate. Don’t overreact to results from the preseason. Please!”

“If your money is not with the Sharps – don’t get overly concerned. One of the most common questions that I get asked during football season is ‘Who do the sharps in Vegas like this week?’. Like sports investors, Sharps make money investing on football over the long run. But Sharps absolutely don’t win every game and many of their wagers….wait for it…. have more to do with getting the best of the pointspread, than having any particular opinion about the game”.

Do you have any advice to live by when betting or investing on NFL or college football? Share your tips below.

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