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5 tips how to improve football accumulators

Americans who wager on soccer may not be as familiar with football accumulators as their fellow punters across the pond.

An ‘accumulator’ bet in football (soccer) is one of the most common football wagers made by punters across Europe…well, outside of North America.

An ‘accumulator’ is a single bet that links together two or more individual wagers and is dependent on all of those bets winning together.

For those football bettors or punters who use free football tips, or purchase their tips from top tipsters, tend to believe that single wagers give punters better chances of turning profit in the long run.

But there is a fair share of online football bettors that regardless of this mindset, still prefer placing accumulator wagers. But if you’re just starting off wagering on football, its best to familiarize yourself with these 11 tips how to wager on football before putting your bankroll on football accumulators.

Statistically, the winning chances on football accumulators are not in favour for the bettor, but making bets with multiple football selections still remains a good way to back the odds-on favourites in football matches and still position yourself with a decent shot of landing hefty payout at the online sportsbooks.

While some football punters will use the poisson distribution to select winning football tips, other punters will seek to improve their win rate on football tips via football accumulators (known as football accas). For these punters, we’ve offered 5 tips how to improve football accumulators and hit the winning numbers over the long term.

1. Consider accumulator bonuses from the sportsbooks

Browse a number of the top online sportsbooks and bookmakers offer a variety of betting bonuses on winning football accumulators, where the bookmaker may add up to 100% cash bonus on top of the winnings.

When using your football tipsters selections, look for the cash bonus to top-up that extra value on your accumulator wagers. Your multiple bets don’t even have to contain too many legs since extra winnings are usually added to accumulators with three or more selections.

2. Sign up multiple betting accounts with bookmakers

Comparing football odds across multiple online sportsbooks allows the punter to take advantage of variance in odds across the books. Why? The odds on your football tips multiplied by your stake will obviously determine your potential winnings, but even the slightest difference in odds can significantly increase or decrease your profits.

The strategy of having multiple accounts at the sports books gives the football punter quick access to take advantage of the best available football odds, and special cash bonuses.

3. Consider avoiding short-priced favourites

Its quite typical for punters to use a football betting strategy of taking a number of top sides to win at very short odds when placing accumulator wagers.

Even for American bettors who look at Europe’s strongest leagues as Champions or Premier and the strongest teams tend to suffer for both home and away football games. Similar to American football, its important to consider skipping short-priced favourites when the odds are too low to offer decent value. Similar to taking the underdog against the spread, or playing the football tips on stronger teams against weaker opposition. While would keep the chances of winning almost the same, it would however significantly improve the combined odds.

4. Adjust the wager to the number of tips or selections and overall odds

Football punters should consider the relationship between size of their wager and combined accumulator odds; consider that accumulator wagers will only qualify for returns if all the tips win.

It is rarely a good football strategy to risk a lot of the bankroll if you have too many picks on your betting slip and if combined odds are substantial, so make sure to scale down your wager in case you consider the accumulator a long shot.

On the flip-side, if your football accumulator contains several selections, where each of the football teams backed is considered the favourite, then you can increase the stake and attempt to multiply it a few times.

5.  Select only a few tips from the top leagues

The avid football punter often gets tempted to wager on teams from a ton of different football competitions. Who can blame them considering the wide aware of online sportsbooks and bookmakers in the market today, and the vast coverage offered on European and international football leagues and competitions.

Winning accumulator bets starts with following 2 to 4 competitions to begin. As you gain expert into the coaches, teams and players, then broaden your wager selections to other leagues. Let your win rate and profit dictate if your spreading your football tips to wide. Remember, crawl before your walk.

Plus, when monitoring the bookmakers to find value in odds, take on the number of competitions that is manageable. Similar to the stock markets, its much easier to find value and gain insight from following a select few stocks versus adding 20 or more into your portfolio to watch.

Finding good value will seriously improve your chances of turning greater profits in the longer haul.

Where to find football accumulate bets? 

While many online bookmakers offer football accumulators, you want to consider a bookmaker that is somewhat of a football specialist that offers the best market prices, and a good selection of betting options to wager on. Both Bet365, 888Sport, and William Hill are three bookmakers that have collectively led the gaming industry across customer service, betting promotional offers and innovative betting platforms.

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