4 TIps I learned from betting on college basketball

4 tips I learned from Sharps to win at college basketball (NCAAB) betting

College Basketball is growing sports investment market and among recreational bettors as they transition their bankrolls and winnings from the NFL season and augment their NBA plays. Among this, NCAAB is everywhere across the US from office pools to Vegas lines. There are anywhere from dozens to hundreds of games to bet on every week, and it’s easy to get caught up in the emotional side of the game. It’s also just as easy to go broke, since there are a lot of sports bettors who have no idea what they’re doing when they bet on basketball.

But having met a few smart basketball investors who claim their Sharp or wiseguy status (of course most only talk about their wins), I took away from those conversations and their insights on their own systems betting on college basketball, what they feel they do different than other basketball bettors, and also their perspectives on using data-driven basketball betting systems for predictive sports betting systems, such as successful Sharp basketball investor Bob Voulgaris betting system approach. 

Smart bettors know that when confronted with a slew of possibilities in college basketball betting, it’s like a gold rush– but most people don’t find gold. You can’t research everything, even with some of the powerful betting tools and systems available today. So the take-away here is research the games you want to play and keep that information handy. Because remember, you’re not necessarily trying to predict who will win the game, but how you will beat the other bettors who are betting on the sports books; since the books are adjusting on both sides for action and profit. Yeah – sounds counter-productive, but see why its among one of the top 4 advice tips from Americas most successful sports bettors.

Play it smart, use these tips, and you’ll be able to maximize your betting opportunities with college basketball.

Sharps Don’t Get Greedy

The first rule of betting on college basketball, and before selecting your college basketball picks, is don’t over-bet on college basketball. There are simply too many betting selections. Almost no one can handicap three dozen games in a day, and they certainly aren’t doing it without the help of a computer.

So the simplest way to handle the problem is not to do make it a problem to begin with. If you have some certainty about some college basketball games, focus on those games and shop for quality lines among them.  Limiting yourself to the games that you know will give you a tremendous financial advantage over folks who are simply betting on everything. And bet on everything they will. Don’t join the crowd.

Watch Home Advantage

One of the great things about college basketball is its “gritty reality”– unlike the NBA, these games are played by college students who are not making millions of dollars, trying to prove themselves in the hope of being accepted as pro players. This means they take risk…which statistically pays off.

Because of this, the psychological factor of home advantage is heavily compounded. Unlike pro players, away trips are considerably less comfortable for visiting players. The home advantage, usually with a raucous fan base, is substantially compounded. Use that to your advantage when dealing with relatively even teams. In college basketball, the home advantage is real, and sharps exploit that fact, particularly during regular season games.

9 out of 10 sports bettors ignore the psychological impact of the players performance on home court. Though research each teams performance against home court advantage, because sometimes the home team hype can influence the local opinion and skew the reality of a smart bet.

Soft Lines

One of the things to keep in mind when dealing with so many betting options in the NCAAB is that if you’re having trouble keeping track… so is everyone else. Once you’ve isolated the games you want to actually play to make your college basketball pick, look for lines that appear soft and work on them.

Chances are, basketball handicappers are trying their best to keep up as well. Because of this, there’s a unique advantage in college basketball. A lot of people aren’t sure which way to go. Exploit that to your advantage. Use your research, find soft lines, and profit from them.

Follow the Calendar

Most important– and often forgotten– is following the calendar.

Not every game is equally important, and whether a team is on the brink of advancing in the playoff season is a mitigating factor. A NCAA team playing in November is not subject to the same rules as a team in January. Every game is different, and it’s important to distinguish a statement game from a glorified practice.

Too often do recreational sports bettors and gamblers with a wide array of choices treat games indifferently. If you’ve done your homework and you can gauge the relative importance of the game, you’ll be able to make a smarter decision than the majority of those betting. Keep the timing in mind when researching and making your college basketball predictions.

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