3 Superbowl betting tips online sportsbooks don’t want you to know

Superbowl 48 just around the corner and recreational sports bettors and Sharps ready to make their final NFL picks and profits of for the football season, the online sportsbooks are ready to take in the tsunami of public money about to hit their books for the Super bowl.

Much of the public betting money is emotional dollars getting laid down on their favorite team for the big game – thus it’s emotional and irrational thinking that we’ve come to hate…but also come to manipulate sports betting for profit when the global consensus on Superbowl predictions are combined.

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For those newbie bettors who read this, or a refresher to those avid sports investors and bettors running their football betting systems, finalizing their Superbowl pick, and shopping the online sportsbooks for the best Superbowl lines, I’ll cover a good refresher on 3 Superbowl betting tips that most online sportsbooks do not want you to know.

1. Not all sports books are created equal

One of the most important first steps to sports investing or betting on sports such as the Superbowl is attaching yourself to one or three reputable online sportsbook (or “bookies”).

The online sports betting world is a jungle littered with scamdicappers and scam sportsbooks that come online aggressively around major sportsing events, just as Superbowl.

They know the massive media attention around the Superbowl, analysts throwing their confidence around their Superbowl picks, and the huge volumes of people flocking to the web for the game is a prime time to influence and persuade the public betting.

It’s not to hard to see the blacklisted sportsbooks or scammers throw up enticing large bonuses, salesy telemarketing, and malicious means to get your credit card number.

Right around Superbowl the tell-tell signs appear and if you know what to look for, their creditability quickly becomes questionable. Stick to tried-and-true, established online online sportsbooks for the obvious reasons of:

  • Ease of depositing and withdrawing your bankroll
  • Movements in NFL lines
  • Deposit bonus opportunities
  • The intangible value of a ‘live’ and flexible customer support
  • Multiple accounts to lay high-valued bets, where limits are placed on your sports betting account

If you’re new to betting world and you’re a virgin to betting online, it’s also important to invest some time to learn how your sportsbook selection. Browse Google for ‘reviews’ or ‘scams’ or ‘blacklist’ keywords around your sportsbook brand name.  Visit the major NFL betting forums on SBR and TheRX. This leads me to the second point.

2. Don’t pick sportsbooks solely on sign-up bonus

As I said earlier, there are many things to consider when choosing an online sportsbook for your Superbowl betting – and there is no reason you can’t pick more than one that is good and reputable. However, don’t go for a sportsbook just because they offer a large sign-up bonus.

There are typically 2 types of sign-up bonuses: real cash and match play (credits). Often, online sportsbooks set rules like rollovers and no withdrawal period to prevent people from spending the bonus and leaving after the account is gone.

A rollover means you can’t withdraw money from the account until you have made a number of bets. The no withdrawal period is exactly as it sounds – you can’t take the money out until after a number of days, typically 30 days or more.

Having said that I recall in the early 2000’s when I worked at a leading online sportsbook and the number of customer complaints coming in on emails and the phone pissed-off about not getting their withdrawls from bonus winnings, and being coaxed into the next bet or cross-sell the bettor into some online poker or casino.

Tip: Many sportsbooks make almost 50% of their revenue from their online casinos. Its to their advantage to work as hard as possible to get you to spend your bankroll in their casino. Their mandate is to make it fun to lose.

But with the above being said, once you have identified a few good options, do enjoy the bonus that comes with your favorite bookies and sportsbooks, especially if you’re laying down on your Superbowl pick. Just remember to understand their terms.

3. You can’t win at exotic bets

Well, it’s mostly true for new sportsbettors. The key point with that statement is that if you don’t know what parlays, teasers or props mean, stay away from them.

It’s always in the top 3 most common sportsbetting mistakes among newbie bettors and is similar to being blinded by the shiny object symptom. The payout temptation putting down one bet on all three teams, versus separately, blinds you to the opportunity risk of winning. Remember, you’re there to either make the game a little more interesting…or turn a profit. Parlays for rookie sports investors and bettors is similar to putting your rain day funds on some penny stocks.

There’s a reason why sportsbooks love to offer exotic bet types. If you’re not familiar with them, or understand the opportunity risk and your betting strategy, then do not do bet on exotics.

Stick with the fundamentals and let data-driven insight give you the winning edge –  and familiarize yourself with the top NFL statistics for handicapping.

For you beginners who are seeking to profit on your Superbowl picks, stick to the most basic and popular of bet types – the straight bet. You’re betting on whether a team will win….regardless of how many points.

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