2013 Super Bowl XLVII NFL Future Odds & Predictions

The end of December means 3 things to most Americans. Christmas holidays with the family, make New Years plans to ring in the new year, and NFL playoffs and Superbowl is right around the corner!

Taking a review of some of the best betting sites and the Super bowl future odds for their 2013 Super bowl predictions, we’ve summarized the NFL football odds futures Vegas and the books are forecasting to win Super bowl 47 on February 3rd in New Orleans this year.

Updated: Get an updated preview of NFL.com’s analysts Super bowl predictions here – with the Bronco’s and Packers leading the future calls.

And while its still a bit preliminary for industry expert NFL handicappers to place their NFL picks for Super bowl, we can get a flavor of what the best sports betting sites and Vegas odds are calling. But remember to, they move their lines too based on the information they receive, including the betting publics opinion. Keep that in mind and the sports betting strategy of betting against the public 😉

2013 Super Bowl XLVII Predictions | NFL Futures Odds
NFL Football Odds Futures to Win Super Bowl 47

Team 2013 Super Bowl XLVII Futures Odds
Money Odds – Payout Per $100 Wager
Atlanta Falcons +$600 (6 to 1)
Baltimore Ravens +$2,500 (25 to 1)
Cincinnati Bengals +$5,000 (50 to 1)
Denver Broncos +$200 (2 to 1)
Green Bay Packers +$800 (8 to 1)
Houston Texans +$2,000 (20 to 1)
Indianapolis Colts +$8,000 (80 to 1)
Minnesota Vikings +$7,500 (75 to 1)
New England Patriots +$250 (5 to 2)
San Francisco 49ers +$400 (4 to 1)
Seattle Seahawks +$900 (9 to 1)
Washington Redskins +$2,000 (20 to 1)

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