2013 mlb predictions

2013 MLB predictions and performance from start of the baseball season

2013 mlb predictionsYear after year we see the failed or backlash of countless sports broadcasters, writers, sports bloggers and radio hosts attempt to pull out of the hat some head spinning validation to call their MLB predictions at the start of the season, mid season and leading to the playoffs for their world series predictions.

This year is no different watching the countless sport media outlets broadcast their 2013 mlb predictions. While all these sports experts are perceived professionals in all sports, or just baseball, they acquire a following each week over their choice of mediums;  TV, Twitter, or wherever else they’ve made a presence for greater exposure and connection with their fans.

But as most, when the time comes for the end of the season, most of their baseball predictions have sunk. If we don’t see a follow up to their mlb predictions as a bragging platform, they will either lay low quite to let the time pass, or deal with the backlash from their followers.

Why is that? Simple. Anyone one of them can tell you their 2013 MLB predictions, let alone any other previous season of mlb predictions, are at best, a best-guess, based on the teams seasonal record or some other statistical or validation method.

The 2013 baseball season wrapped up its first month, and much of what was predicted before the season ran around a 50% prediction success rate with the public sports media.

Houston and Miami are sh*t. San Francisco can throw. Detroit can hit. Kansas City won’t be a last-place team and Bryce Harper is ‘bow-down, you’re not worthy’ good.

And while the best 2013 predictions would come from some hard-core high performing statistical and mathematical formula, or one hell of a good guess from some, any mlb bettor who has followed the season, watched the mlb lines, maybe tested a few mlb betting systems and laid some hard-earned bankroll at some of the top betting websites, would have a close eye on who their favorite mlb picks will be for the season.

For those mlb followers, we’ve outlined below a few top sports handicappers who have made their 2013 baseball predictions through the season and can back up their records on whether their up X units, and profiting an ROI on from their mlb predictions. The following covers an ‘overall’ betting investment portfolio over the last 3 months, where MLB is included.

Top 2013 MLB Predictions Performance

But the early returns of the media outlets are heading towards more mlb prediction misses than wins. At the least, the above top 2013 mlb predictions those baseball handicappers have made are validated against their actual bankroll return…..can the same be said for the media predictions?

Lets keep in mind the season is still early, there are ups and downs and it can take a few weeks and games for some of the best MLB handicappers to get warmed up with their prediction models and betting systems to find the right mix. We’ll give them that.

I mean lets just look how the season has stared with some of the medias 2013 mlb predictions.

The ‘sure thing’ LA Dodgers have way too much pitching.

Remember back in spring training when Los Angeles had eight big-league starters and didn’t know what to do with the excess arms. How’s that working out now?

They have Clayton Kershaw who should help mitigate any long term losing streaks, but then the witnesses the baseball gods wrath of Zack Greinke’s collarbone snap-crackle-and-popping, and Chad Billingsley’s elbow shred like a good dish of chicken chow-mein.

Chris Capuano, one of those extra starters, didn’t listen to his gym teachers advice on stretching before any exercise and quickly ended up on the disabled list after his first start.

And you can’t play it on the rain in Seattle with Aaron Harang 5-year-old girls pitching arm.

Now how about the Angels, with Josh Hamilton looking like the saviour to get the Angels back into the top position. But he’s not the concern the Angels should be worried about or the snapped arm of Jered Weaver, or the plantar fasciitis that Albert Pujols making out to be a sure out on any infield grounder.

Like many of my old girlfriends when drunk, the Angels’ bullpen is a disaster. But in the end, they still could just win the AL West, if they don’t rely just on they’re hitting….or least we think they’ll figure that out if they’ve watched others in their division…cough cough… Rangers.

Now how about the Nationals. Not much more to say other than most our placing their 2013 mlb predictions that the Nationals will take their NL East, and maybe even the world series. Even those who at first made their world series prediction on Washington are changing their tune.

The Yankees. Oh yes, dem Yankees. What can we say. God awful, pathetic, horrible, dead-beat and down right fire them all. I’ve seen junior teams that could chew spit further than they can hit. Heck, my grandmother might even try out for their pitching (I can attest she can really throw a shoe).

But for those who still believe, I’ll admit the if the Yankees can hold it together until Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, Curtis Granderson and Derek Jeter make their come back, then the Yankees may have some fighting Irish in them to pull off a miracle.

Heck – I’m a believer. That’s all we got sometimes in this life…believe!

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