how to bet on football

New to NFL betting? Learn how do you bet on football

how to bet on footballNFL and college football in the United States is the biggest and most popular sports for Americans to watch, and bet on. Though the legality of sports gambling is only allowed only in the state of Nevada, still today countless Americans turn to offshore sportsbooks or local friendly wagers on NFL and college football.

Sports gambling with sports books is not the only way to enjoy the game. Numerous Americans enjoy football through office pool competitions and local friendly wagers. Regardless how you enjoy a football game, you’ll still find people trying to get every edge through their own research online, ESPN coverage, and even a sports prediction handicapper or service. But whatever way you plan to elevate the excitement of watching a football game, understanding how do you get on football is a fundamental requirement.

There are a number of ways to invest or bet on an NFL game, and in this post we’ll cover the basics of how to bet on football. The fundamentals of betting on football will apply to both NFL, college, CFL football and a number of major North American sports, including betting on European and international soccer. And just as important as understanding how to bet on football is also understanding betting strategies and bankroll management in football. Money management can be if not one of the most crucial aspects of succeeding in sports investing and where most gamblers ignore. So for those who are getting caught up to speed for their football office pool, or a newcomer to sports betting or seeking to make sports investing a piece of your investment portfolio, the basics of how you bet on football will give you fundamentals for any football game you throw down the benjamin’s.

Betting on football with a sportsbook

Placing a football bet at a Vegas casino sports book, or you’re legally betting with an online sportsbook, you’ll soon understand how the sportsbook make their money. The sports books make their money by collecting a commission on losing bets. There are a few names for this commission, but its commonly known as Vig (vigorish).

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Sportsbetting Sportsbook

SportsBetting Sportsbook

Sportsbetting SportsbookThe site was established over 20 year ago and is one of the oldest online sportsbooks. The site is now operated by the same group that BetOnline, so expect the same type of great bonuses, support along with great promotions. is one of the few sports betting sites that still accepting US players. Operating out Panama, the online sportsbook is not subject to the jurisdiction from the United States. And since laws in the United States focus more on the company and betting sites more than the player in the country, players wanting to wager at online sportsbooks outside of the country can do so. And caters to meet the needs of players from the United States wanting to bet legally and safely online. offers a poker room, sportsbook that has heavy emphasize on NFL odds and ncaa basketball lines, horse racing room and an casino room. Players, sports bettors and investors alike may use NFL pickscollege basketball picks, and soccer tips as a prediction resource against the online sportsbook for investment or entertainment purposes. Players will enjoy everything from only one account. right now doesn’t have any country restrictions.

The formerly D-rated sportsbook by SBR forum was acquired by the BetOnline Group (SBR rating B+) in June of 2012. BetOnline saw value in the historically troubled brand and went to work on salvaging its customer base, repairing the fragmented relationship it had with many of its players.

The terms of the acquisition were not publicly disclosed, but BetOnline executives told the public that previous ownership were not exactly honest about the particulars of their liabilities. BetOnline assumed $1.5 million more in debt than what was reported: A relatively small amount for a business BetOnline’s size, but the challenge laid in verifying missing transactions, chasing ghosts in some cases. chose not to require any rollover from users and began processing thousands of outstanding payments. Management also agreed to review old sportsbook disputes. SBR forum later reported that two players from cold cases were paid more than $20,000.

BetOnline successfully weathered the financial storm left by, gave players a new and improved wagering software, and the customer service that they had been lacking. To date, there are no outstanding payout complaints. has received a ratings upgrade to B from SBR.

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lose at sports betting

Why most football and sports bettors lose?

lose at sports bettingThere’s a difference between gambling and investing, both in the equity markets and in the sports markets (just look at the sports investing performance of some of the expert handicappers and the intelligent tips model). Though you don’t have to look to far to see people throwing money down on a hot penny stock tip, or worse yet, the Facebook IPO (which was manipulated by corporate and investment banker hype). Similar in the sports market, most sports bettors throw money down to either to make more money, or for the simple sheer excitement and high, like a drug some may say. And over time, it becomes a weekly ritual to bet on the weekend NFL games, or others sports throughout the year.

Having spent some time on the inside of the online sports gambling world with two major brands, both in sports, poker and casino, their was always the inside joke about about how to make losing money fun. The same applied to the sportsbook and it was widely known on the inside that ‘over time’ most sports bettors are going to lose money. Even if you won, the sportsbooks would be watching your account, offering reload bonuses in the book, or cross channel you into the poker or casino. Whatever it took to get you coming back to bet on another game, or play in another product channel, because we all knew that over time, you would lose.

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