Bodog Sportsbook

Bovada Sportsbook (Bodog Sportsbook)

Bodog SportsbookPreviously Bodog, Bovada has a long and interesting history in the online gambling and sports industry.

This online sportsbook started in the industry by Calvin Ayre as a sportsbook, then later evolved to launch an online casino room, then online poker.

During the late 2000’s, Bodog went mainstream to tap into the male ego and entertainment by launching an entertainment brand including Bodog TV, Bodog Music, and the Calvin Ayre Foundation. Whatever game is your passion, Bovada takes you front and center in the Bovada Sportsbook. Bet on fast-paced, high-octane sports from around the world. From NFL football to the madness of NCAA basketball – and everything in-between – Bovada is the one-click source for sports enthusiasts.

The Bovada Sportsbook is a highly respected, customer-friendly operation that has earned top ratings by all major sportsbook review sites. It boasts the industry’s most reliable, easy-to-navigate sports betting experience, making it the perfect option for casual and seasoned bettors alike. All spreads, moneylines and totals are right at the bettor’s fingertips, including the bread-and-butter NFL lines, where sports investors and bettors use our NFL picks and NBA picks to lay against.

The Bovada Sportsbook offers speedy and efficient parlay and teaser payouts, giving players unparalleled value when wagering on more than one game at a time. On call 24/7, customer support staff adheres to a strict policy that demands e-mail inquiries are replied to in 15 minutes or less, and that telephone calls are answered on the first ring.

At Bovada, you’ll always have the benefit of customer service that has no peer in the online gaming world!

  • 50% Sign-up Bonus
  • Fast and easy payment options
  • Unique lines – often favoring the underdog
  • Great telephone and email customer service
  • Fast easy to use website
  • A Rating at Sportsbook Review
how to tease a bet

What is a teaser bet, and how to handicap

how to tease a betEvery season – NFL, MLB, MBA, etc. online sports books have seen a growing trend towards sports bettors taking teaser bets.

Teaser bets have become a popular sports betting strategy that teaser bets can influence the oddsmakers to move lines. Expert handicappers, punters and investors can move a line in their favor after a key volume of teasers are placed pairing two or more teams together.

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Sports investing

Sports investing vs gambling, what’s the difference?

Sports investingAs a market investor over the last two decades, and a love for sports, the I found the philosophy of investing was a natural transition into my recreational betting. At first it never clicked, but after taking a serious look at my sports betting performance about a decade ago, I came to realize some of the fundamentals that did me very well in the equity markets could be applied to my sports betting.

While bankroll management was the most effective area I begun to change, there are a variety of other areas I changed in my sports betting to hone it into what today is considered sports investing.

Firstly and most importantly, the view of sports must be considered an investment that can offer good returns. For example, see our sports investment portfolio and the performance of expert handicappers and the intelligent tips algorithms. The psychology view of throwing money at a game has an emotional attachment that is different than investing. For anyone who is a prudent investor understand this, where when they see their investment drop in value, if their fundamentals are sound, they can view it as an opportunity vs. a red flag to run for the doors.

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2012 NFL Preseason Schedule

The 2012 NFL preseason schedule kicks off on Sunday, August 5th, with the classic NFL Hall of Fame game, and the inaugural kick off the 2012 NFL football season and tail get parties.

Among such NFL bettors and investors alike scramble to get their bankrolls in place for another seasons of big wins, and losses.  While most recreational football bettors are ecstatic to begin throwing down the benjamins on the pre-season games, the experienced bettor and investor understands how timing plays a strong role to starting the season off profitable. Because the statistics aren’t in, teams figuring out their synergy, adjusting to new coaches, starting rookies, and new QB’s, it can be an unpredictable time of year when investing in the NFL preseason – sometimes. For more, read our post why not to bet or invest on the NFL preseason…sometimes…as there are still investment opportunities to be had if you can spot them.

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sports betting money management

6 bankroll management tips for NFL football investing

sports betting money managementAny sports investor, expert nfl handicapper and sharp bettor understand the importance of how bankroll money management plays into having a profitable season. It’s not all about taking your best NFL picks from a solid nfl handicapper and going for the win. Bankroll management is integral when investing on the NFL, and in this post I’ll cover a few money management tips when betting on the NFL for any season.

You can never have enough education on money management and betting or investing on sports. If you can practice good money management skills in sports betting, you will go a long way. Just as you would with a prudent investment strategy into your 401K, RRSPs or the stock market and averaging down on over sold stocks and equities. You may use a money manager or investment advisor for your investment portfolio, and the same for your sports investing, but regardless of both you should still have an understanding of the fundamentals.

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NFL Preseason Betting

Reasons to not bet NFL preseason…sometimes

NFL Preseason BettingNFL preseason finally kicks off the second week of August which for many expert NFL handicappers and sports bettors is their lease favorite time of the NFL betting season. The statistics aren’t in, teams are figuring out how to build synergy and overall it can be an unpredictable time of year when investing in NFL football.

During the NFL preseason teams typically don’t play at full strength, key players hold back and coaches are getting a feel for new strategy. Expert handicappers, sharps, investors and your recreational sports bettor walk into an unpredictable time of year. Seasoned investors and many sharps though also see the investment value to minimize their bankroll investment during the NFL preseason until more ‘stars align’. Look at this similar to a new hot stock on the NASDAQ and its IPO, such as Facebook back in June. There was much hype leading up to their kick off, but the days following it just didn’t perform. Market conditions were the same, investor sentiment loosely changed, but overall like many IPO’s, and like the preseason of almost any sport, it can be quite unpredictable and simple chase the favorites based on the past season.

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