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2 tips Sharp NHL bettors don’t want you to know

There are a number of different NHL betting strategies that can be of value to the novice hockey bettor if they maintain focus and keep a healthy bankroll management strategy.

Unlike other major American leagues, I found it insightful to hear from our top sports investor members who perform well in the NHL betting market that NHL is still somewhat niche for most recreational and semi-professional sports bettors.

And because of this lack of investment enthusiasm betting on hockey, there is a lot more emotion involved with sports bettors who wager on the NHL — and knowing that is your greatest weapon when beginning with a NHL betting strategy and selecting your NHL picks from a top hockey handicapper.

The professional hockey bettors and Sharps we spoke with shared a number of insightful tips that we’ll post in future articles, and to kick this off we’ll start with the following 2 tips that Sharp NHL bettors unveiled that most hockey bettors don’t know or realize (or simply ignore).

Know a lot of hockey fanatics? Get their local NHL picks and bet against them.

There has been a trend (though it is not universal) over the past ten years of crowds consistently getting the winner wrong. It’s not clear why, but likely it is related to the fact that home field advantage is often overstated through the hero story propagated through local media and fans. This is largely, again, because bettors are often fans– and fans make terrible bettors as they take their local team as their NHL pick at the bookie.

There is a lot of parity in the NHL– it has a number of rules designed to ensure it– and long losing streaks are rare. So if the crowd is sure of one NHL pick, it’s a smart idea to ask why– and analyze the reasoning methodically. Because in the past decade, there’s been only one NHL season (2006-2007) where the crowd was consistently right.

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So if you aren’t sure of your NHL prediction and which side to bet the moneyline on, just ask your hockey-loving friends. Then bet against them.

That said, if you have the time to actually research your hockey picks (and you should generally do this) then there is no need to bet the underdog reflexively– usually the better option presents itself with basic research. It just happens to coincidentally be that the underdog wins close to 50% of the time consistently.

Use the Grand Salami to your advantage.

The Grand Salami, in a few words, is an over/under bet on the total number of goals in the NHL that day. If you keep in mind that hockey is a low scoring game, then you’ll be able to easily see where there are overstated bets at the online sports books and the money flow.

Grand Salami bets are extremely popular with bettors and even handicappers, but basically are a matter of simple math:

  • Averaging out the number of goals per game multiplied by the number of games that day will give you a total which you can then modify based on the games you’ve researched. (Research is the key on this one.)

If you’ve already done your hockey prediction research and bet on the puck line, it’s as simple as modifying your total goals, adding them and looking at the average.

Oddsmakers will often overstate the average (which a good NHL handicapper will realize), as hockey is generally a low-scoring game. Take advantage of that knowledge to make better wagers and come out even when betting on the NHL.

Grand Salami betting is one of the few ways you can easily see the weaknesses of oddsmakers in trying to beat the parity of the NHL, as well as the  points highlighted in the 4 tips that improve winning NHL bets. But with simple math, you can develop a system with pretty decent odds against the house.

In summary, you should find these 2 tips that Sharp NHL bettors don’t want you to know, leverage the power of the grand salami and local hockey fans to their advantage in selection their NHL picks, and producing greater winning outcomes at the sports books.


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