football betting strategy tips (soccer)

11 Tips: How beginner soccer punters should bet on soccer (football)

If your new to football betting (aka soccer to those North Americans), or an avid sports bettor or investor and thinking of broadening your betting portfolio to soccer, it’s important you understand the fundamentals of soccer betting before you lay your wagers with the soccer bookie.

Whether you plan to wager with your bookie or an online sportsbook on the Premier league, Champions league or any another other European or international soccer league, you need to know how to bet on soccer, and what to wager on.

In this post we’ll cover a few important betting tips the sports investor needs to consider before betting on any soccer game. And for a selection of soccer matches our members use in their soccer betting strategy, consider browsing our selection of soccer predictions and picks.

  1. Head-to-head
    Always review the history between the two football clubs. The home and away history is important for any soccer punter. Similar to the equity markets, history has a funny way of repeating itself certain games year after year after year.
  2. Popular Bet Types
    The popular bet types in soccer are 1×2 (Fixed Odds), Asian Handicap and Total Goals (also know as the over/under. You should familiarize yourself with these bet types as there are pros and cons to each, and some offer different risks and rewards.
  3. Team Home and Away Records
    There are a number of soccer resource websites you can visit to get the home and away statistics and data. Some soccer teams play better on their home pitch, some play better on the road. Also consider comparing if the game is a local derby, or if the teams play in a stadium, turf versus grass and weather.
  4. Focus
    Ever soccer punter and sports investor has their own approach, strategy and experience. Selecting the leagues, teams or other criteria is a preference, as there can be a few hundred soccer matches in one day. Staying focussed on competitions that suite your betting style and comfort is example. For example, some soccer punters prefer the Premier League and Champions, while others prefer La Ligue or the African league. As you do your research and wager, you will have more knowledge about teams and players in these soccer leagues, and the impact it will have on the game your investing against.
  5. Team updates and announcements
    Always check for injuries and suspensions on the game. Which players are missing and how important are they. If there are injuries check if it is long-time injuries or new injuries since the last game etc. How good are the players who will play instead.
  6. Team Drive & Motivation
    Team and player motivation plays a very important role in a game, and every soccer punter should be well aware of what the current flow is, especially as the season comes near its end. The team may need points for placement, or needs to position themselves accordingly for any upcoming games or tournaments. For example, is the team playing European football and may be overdue to rest some key players, or maybe the team has the intention to drive for a specific cup or tournament.
  7. Schedule
    Check the team schedule. How many games have they played in recent days. Could they be tired. When are they playing again. Is the next game very important to the team.
  8. Form
    Look at their recent team form. Check who was the opposition and what was the situation of the opposition at the time of the game. If available, read the recent match reports to see if the team was unlucky because of opposition goalkeeper having a great day etc.
  9. Quality Bets, Not Quantity
    Any successful sports investor will tell you one of the #1 attributes of profiting in sports investing is to focus on wagering on quality games, not quantity. It takes discipline to not throw money at popular, but low return games. For example, a lot of football gamblers and NFL bettors who take a bad beat over the weekend tend to double up on Monday night football, or attempt to double their weekend winnings. Rarely will you find a sports investor fall into this and other of the biggest betting mistakes that sports gamblers and bettors make. Just remember that quality bets precedes quantity. There is no need for wager every day, let alone every week. Shop around for the best odds and value. The more knowledge and insight you have, the more confidence you’ll have on your soccer investments.
  10. LIVE In-Play
    The investment application behind this betting strategy applied to soccer is simply the idea of a higher probability is perceived on a win by watching how the team performs during the match.
  11. Discipline
    This tip is applicable to all sports investors, and a common characteristic that most sports gamblers do not follow. Every sports bettor and investor must know their own limits and avoid making bets that are dictated by emotion, versus sound strategy. Among this, a disciplined sports investor will have a bankroll management strategy before placing their first wager, and have one to three betting strategies to apply to their selected football matches.

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